Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Raining Leaves

Two weeks of sunny weather at the beginning of the month provided ample opportunity for finishing up some fall chores in the garden. However, I still haven't gotten everything done, especially the chore that always gets last priority on my list--today's R . . .

Raking Leaves

But one sunny Saturday morning I was surprised by two little volunteers
who came to rake some of Grandma's leaves.

Granddaughter brought her own child-sized rake to help.

But Grandson had to wield the big adult rake and managed just fine--
once he was shown which side was up:)

Just look at those powerful two-year-old muscles!

Sophie thought it looked like great fun, too, but finally had to be put on a leash to avoid her chasing the rake around. She's not quite as helpful at raking as she is at digging new flowerbeds.

Still, her exhuberance in destroying neat piles of leaves caused some consternation.

Finally, she had to be sent inside, not too content at having to view
all the fun from the living room window.

Because, of course, to kids, Raking leaves is all about fun!

Seeing just how deep you can go . . .

Covering arms and legs and hair, too, in crispy, wispy leaves.

Why do we adults worry about disposing of all these leaves?

It's the size of the pile that matters!

Unfortunately, the operative R word for the past three days has been rain, rain, and more rain. Which means a soggy mess of leaves still waiting to be cleaned up. I do hope the sun comes out soon and I can convince my two garden helpers--and their older cousins--to come back and finish raking all these leaves!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this delightful series of raking kids and a dog who wants to play in the heaps of leaves. We have very stormy weather now and I am staying in my warm house.
    Thanks for your visit!

  2. Oh what fun to see those happy faces raking and jumping in the leaves. Even the upset face brings a smile to mine. Poor Sophie, she was just trying to help. You have inspired me to get back to dealing with the leaves here. It is an ongoing chore until they have all fallen, and I think that time is just about with us. We have had rain too, but maybe today will be dry enough to clean up before getting ready for the big holiday festival next week.

  3. Rose girl the grandkids look like they had a blast and it reminded me of how fun it can be too .. I miss being silly with leaves too ? LOL
    Hey .. don't fret over Fall chores in the garden .. winter comes and so does Spring whether you have done the chore list or not ? : )
    PS .. I did feel rather sorry for Sophie .. she can't help being very enthusiastic ?? LOL

  4. As usual, you have excelled yourself with these photos and that one of the reflection of the dog. Brilliant.

    Grandchildren have such fun when they are helping!

    Nuts in May

  5. What a fun post and your grandson and granddaughter are sweet. They know exactly what piles of leaves are for...jumping and rolling around on! I wish that leaf raking was as much fun at C&L...must invite my nieces and nephew over for leaf romping. While in East TN we passed someone burning leaves...a real no-no, but I was transported to childhood and the smell of leaf fires. I do love that smell. gail

  6. What a cool shot of Sophie in the window! You captured the essence of fall in your pictures with the grandkids jumping in the leaves. Such a wonderful thing!

  7. What fun. I can see the happiness on the faces of your Grands as they help you. Amazing how entertaining a pile of leaves can be.

  8. they surely looked they're having fun!

    have a great day!
    come and visit my ABC if you have the time!

  9. Rose they look like they had the best time. Reminded me of when we were little and my popa would rake all the leaves up into a big pile just so we could play in them.

  10. Oh what fun! At what point do leaf piles lose their appeal as we grow up? May your leaves always be a source of joy and youthful exuberance.

  11. Hi Rose, looks like everyone had a lot of fun raking (well, except Sophie--that's a great photo!). I actually never have enough leaves in my own yard so I curbside shop for them (post coming soon!). ;-)

  12. I had lots of help with my leaves from Toby the terribly tabby. He was certain there were mice under those leaf piles;) Cats, and dogs, live in the moment and enjoy everything to the max.

  13. Oh, I used to love playing in the leaves when I was a kid. Thanks for the memory.

  14. What a great R put a smile on my face! And with two wonderful helpers like that, I wouldn't even consider it a chore to rake.

  15. What a delightful post for any day, R or otherwise! Happy faces, kids and dog having fun! Wonderful captures!

    Have a great day!


  16. We had a great time raking the leaves this year too; it's so fun to play in them again and see what a kick the kids get out of it. However, I was informed that Daddy makes much better piles than me, which I guess means raking is now officially his chore!

  17. Oh, how delightful that all looks! Poor little Sophie, having to watch from inside when the people were having so much fun, though! LOL!

    We rake the leaves to stop them killing off our lawn. We have so many trees that the grass would be covered in a thick slimy blanket before long. :(

  18. Rose....this is just so lovely....I felt like I wanted to join in the fun. I love raking leaves, for me, it is a garden pleasure.....
    Sophie is so fun, I love dogs who do the wrong thing......I almost felt sorry for her looking through the window.

    Your grandchildren are beautiful, and I just love those two year old muscles......

  19. It looks as if they had a great time! And the dog looks very sad to be looking out at all the fun!

  20. Wonderful photos of the grandkids having fun in the leaves. I took a lot of photos when my kids were small of them playing in the leaves. I enjoying raking, but I also enjoying jumping in the leaf piles.

  21. "Helping" my grandma was how I learned to love gardening. Your grandkids will have so many fond memories of times like this! I know I do!

  22. What hard-working helpers you had, and they did so well! Poor Sophie, though - how sad to be imprisoned away from all the fun. I love her expression in the Reflection.

  23. Can I borrow your grandchildren for raking? How cute! My favorite photo of my kids was the two of them 10 years ago in a leaf pile tossing leaves with glee. I think the dog was buried. Dogs aren’t the best gardeners. So true! I wish I could share some of our sun.

  24. Wonderful photos of your grand kids, what fun you must have all had. I still love kicking leaves!

    Love the reflection pic :)

  25. Dear Rose,
    Your grandkids are so cute.
    I remember when my children were young and all the fun they had raking leaves.
    Very creative R post.
    Roving is the "wool" before it is spun. I have a few pounds by the spinning wheel for winter spinning.
    Hope your leaves dry out soon. Mine are also full of rain and snow!

  26. Oh, what fun! Darling kids, Poor pup. :) A nifty raking post!

  27. What good little helpers, and a fun reflection photo of Sophie. Big piles of leaves seems to be universally fun for kids. The bigger the better, of course. Hope the helpers come back!

  28. Rose, oh how fun! A wonderful series of photos, especially Sophie. Poor girl. :)

    The grands are growing!! I am amazed at how much they look like their Dad. Although he would have talked others into the raking with him supervising. :)

    I think we are going to have to wait until the leaves are freeze dried before we get any more raking done.

  29. What darling photos. That's a beautiful shot of your doggie in the window. :)

  30. Oh Rose, what a kick. How absolutely adorable... brought a few tears to my eyes. Guess I better call my 3 year old grandson who lives on the east coast, and too far away

  31. I love this post!! Your pics are excellent!! You've captured the excitement and mischief in your grandchildrens' eyes. They are precious! Forget ABC - the children are the spotlight!

    Too bad about the rain. We've had such a sunny month, so far, but rain is on the way here too.

  32. Oh, I meant to say, your dog looks absolutely ghostly through the window. LOL

  33. Reader Wil, Hope the storms have passed you by now.

    Frances, Yes, raking leaves will have to wait until the pies are baked and the turkey stuffed:)

    Joy, I know if the snow starts falling, the chores will wait till springtime. Poor Sophie--she did want to play some more.

    Maggie May, They didn't make much of a dent in the leaves, but had so much fun!

    Gail, I wish I enjoyed leaf-raking as much as the kids:)

    Tina, I didn't know the picture of Sophie would quite turn out like that--she would love nothing better than to be by my side in the garden all the time. Unfortunately, she has a habit of wandering off and getting into other mischief.

    Lisa, Another reminder that often times the simple things are the most joyful.

  34. Fickle, Yes, they were!

    Susie, It's been so long for me, but I remember having fun like that once, too.

    Janet, I was thinking the same thing--that's why it's so good to be around the little ones to see the wonder and magic in everything.

    Monica, I'm just picturing you going around "stealing" everyone's leaves:) Do you sneak around at night??

    Marnie, Believe it or not, Sophie is just as good a mouser as the cats--she brought me a little "present" into the house just yesterday:)

    Anthony, When do we grow out of this idea of fun??

    Carol, Notice I was taking pictures instead of helping:)

    Sylvia, You're right--it doesn't get much better than this!

    Rose, Well, I'd be all for Dad being the leaf-raking champ if it meant he had to do it all from now on!

    Jay, I usually let the wind carry away most of the leaves, but under the maple especially they would kill the grass if I didn't rake.

    Cheryl, You know I love Sophie so much even when she's ornery. I know she just wanted to play! Grandson had so much fun and loves trying to be so grown-up.

    Mara, Yes, poor Sophie wanted to be out there with them.

    MMD, Good for you for still being a kid at heart!

  35. Joyce, I hope I'm making some memories for them. But I did neglect to mention their mom came along and did her share of raking, too. Good to hear from you!

    Dragonstar, Sophie gets a little too carried away for these two; their cousins are much more tolerant of her antics. She just loves all the grandkids.

    Sarah, I know a couple of my grandkids would love to visit Maine! I think I have pictures of all my kids in leaf piles,too; some things never change.

    Suburbia, You know my grandkids give me so much joy. Even raking leaves is fun...for awhile.

    Sherry, I was so surprised by your snow; at least we haven't had that yet. Thanks for the explanation about the wool!

    Sweet Bay, Thanks!

    Tumblewords, thanks; Sophie is still very much a puppy:)

    Janie, Yes, that was the object--to see just how big that pile could be!

    Beckie, yes, their Mom came with them, but not their Dad:) I'm hoping for a warm day in December!

    Kate, Thanks, and thanks for visiting!

    Di, I know I'm very lucky that all of my grandchildren live close by. When the daughters eventually have kids, they'd better move closer to home!!

    Wendy, I knew another Grandma would understand how much joy I got from this!

  36. AHH, Rose, your grandchildren are just darling;-) Your little guy just couldn't deal with somebody (ie:Dog) sitting on his pile of leaves...too cute;-) I remember the fun we used to have with our kids when they were younger...I have the cutest picture of both of them covered to the neck, reaching up with both arms to the sky! It's pouring rain here, too, and all of our leaves are soaked! Raking and/or blowing can't resume until we get a dry spell.

  37. I enjoyed seeing your grandkids at work and play with the leaves, and reading about your dog being sent inside. Our dog, Heidi, is always too pushy with our almost 2 year old grandson. I hope she settles down as he gets older. She just won't leave him alone, wants to brush up against him. She doesn't know how to play appropriately. She's knocked him down a few times. When we try to pet her, she still won't relax.

    I'm home sick today. I'll have to check out the other ABC posts. Maybe I'll think of one to post for next time. I've never done it before.

  38. Nice pics. It's been raining in Albany, NY and now I have TONS of leaves to rake, which I do not particularly enjoy.

  39. That is so sweet! I especially love the photo of Sophie in the living room. Doesn't it just kill you, the looks our pets give us? :-)

  40. Oh how delightful. I want some grandkids...they look like fun and a good excuse not to rake leaves. I'll take a dog too.

    Thank you for participating in Operation Christmas Child. We raised $800 and made 20 boxes. The giving is over and the boxes will be delivered on Monday. i'll post about it on Tuesday.

  41. I always make a leaf pile for my kids, and someday for grandkids too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us.~~Dee

  42. Rose, your grandchildren are adorable ... a memorable day!

  43. That looks such great fun!!

    Grand-daughter arrived at 8 this morning! No more details yet. x

  44. Jan, I have pictures of my children in leaf piles, too; it makes me happy to see that kids still enjoy it. We've finally had some sunshine this weekend.

    Sue, Sophie is the same way with our two-year-old. He's learned, though, to push back:) Hope you are feeling better!

    Roger, I enjoy raking leaves...for about an hour:)

    Jean, Sophie often has a way of making me feel guilty:) You should see her when she knows she's in trouble--melts my heart.

    Flowergarden, So glad your fundraiser was a success! Glad to participate.

    Dee, It's the simple things like this that bring a smile to my face.

    Joey, Grandkids, fun, and sunshine--it doesn't get any better!

    Liz, your post was the first one I saw this morning--congratulations! Thank you so much for letting me know right away; I'm so excited for you!

  45. What a really delightful post and beautiful photos Rose, such adorable garden helpers too :)

    Dear Sophie did a wonderful job. Well, I'm sure she thought she did!

    All the leaves in my garden are still in soggy heaps where they fell, the weather just hasn't allowed any work out there lately, it must surely improve a little soon.


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