Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ABC Wednesday: A Panoply of P's

This week ABC Wednesday celebrates the letter P, a perfect one for any Plant lover like myself.

While most of the Perennials, like these Purple Coneflowers, are now hibernating for the winter, there are still a few brave blooms in the garden.

The Pelargoniums ( I usually call them geraniums, but of course that doesn't begin with a P!) seem unfazed by the first frost this past weekend.

A few brave Petunia blooms hang on amidst the dying foliage.

The now Purple-tinged leaves of "Let's Dance in the Moonlight" add another dimension of color to this beauty queen who is aging gracefully.

Not to be outdone, even the "Endless Summers" are now sporting rosy-tinged foliage.
This year has been the prettiest I have ever seen the hydrangeas.

The Purple Petals of my poor confused clematis are undaunted by the cold.

A last trip in search of bargain plants yielded this basket of Pansies.

They look especially good with a display of Pumpkins.

And speaking of pumpkins, I have a confession to make. The photo of the jack o'lantern I posted last week was actually carved by my daughter last year, since I hadn't yet had time to carve one. The jack o'lantern above is the one I made this year. Not too bad, huh? It's actually quite easy to create intricate designs like this using a Pattern.

There are still gardening chores to be done, like planting bulbs and cleaning out Pots. This one, though, may stay like this all winter; it actually looks rather pretty covered with snow and provides some "winter interest."

And this sedum still needs to be transplanted to replace the one I suspect was eaten by voles. I couldn't pass this one up, purchasing it at the bargain Price of $.39!

P is also for Praying Mantis, of which we had much fewer this year than last. There were plenty of grasshoppers, though; I'm not sure if I were this guy, if I'd get too close to Mr. Mantis:)

And P is for Pine Cones, which are in plentiful supply here . . .

. . . thanks to all our Pine trees that stand guard around the Perimeter of our yard.

I would be remiss if I didn't include at least one Pet. Tarzan, my constant gardening companion, is just one of the pets here who make life always interesting.

And finally, on a much more serious note, P is for a Prayer for Peace.
Our community lined the streets on Tuesday to welcome home a fallen hero.
Let us pray that scenes like this will soon come to an end.

For a plethora of other P posts, check out the ABC blog hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt.


  1. I obviously forgot P for Plant and to search a while for my p.

    I'm very glad you made up for it!

  2. A plethora of perfect purple plant pictures. Enjoyed that.

  3. As usual, your photos were magnificent and you have certainly got a lot of colour in your garden still.
    The P for the Peace was very moving.........Must remember them.

    Nuts in May

  4. Rose girl your blog is looking wonderful ! I really like that header photo : )
    I need to update my blog too but we have a lot still going on here .. the electrician is supposed to start the list of small odd jobs here today .. I wonder what will go wrong now ? LOL
    I love your list of "P's
    I find this time of year very hard .. being an army wife having a husband who is a Gulf War vet. Our Remembrance Day (Canada and UK)is on the 11th. One of the most emotional days of the year for us.
    I understand the quest for peace because it does cut to the bone for us. Thank you for sharing : )

  5. P is for our Passion for gardening, too, which shows through in this Post. And of course, you forgot P is also for Purdue!

  6. Your beautiful plants appear to be hanging on well into Autumn.

  7. Rose, it never ceases to amaze me the number of words you come up with to match the letter of the week. You were very Prolific with P.

    Your photos were wonderful-very artistic in composition. I especially loved the coneflower seed heads.

    Thanks for another great post..I look forward to them each week. And yes, let us all Pray for Peace.

  8. All sorts of great "P" words! It's nice you have so many Plants still blooming. And I love the header Photo! (The word verification is prici; it must have known what letter you are on!)

  9. A wonderful bit of Prose Rose! I am so sorry, I could resist...Great photos and a terrific P post! I do love your pumpkin carving! We pray for peace every day Rose~and hope that it comes very soon.
    Pax, gail

  10. That was a perfectly presentable P post indeed! Lovely pines in your yard and the pumpkins looks great!

  11. A panoply of perfet Ps. Your pumpkin turned out great.

  12. Perfect post on "Ps"! Perhaps my prefered picture is Praying Mantis.... :-)

  13. Rose I like all your 'p' pictures. But that Tarzan is so cute. I'm sure he is lots of company in the garden.

  14. Dear have so many pretty is strange how just one, amidst the dying foliage. can speak volumes. My hydrangeas did not do well this year. They did not like the long period of drought.
    I love the row of Pines that lines your garden Rose. A really lovely feature....I would have to have a border under them full of woodland plants....but then I am obsessed, as Mr P keeps telling me.

    The last part of your post was most moving....I think we can all relate to it Rose. I pray for world peace .......expecially for my little ones....their future is yet unknown......

    Hope you are feeling much better now.....

  15. So enjoyable, Rose. P for parade for the fallen too. So sad but a nice tribute. You still have so many things in bloom, the hydrangeas do look lovely. Do you do anything creative with all those pine cones? A wreath of something involving hot glue? That stand must give you quite a supply. Panoply is a great word. :-)

  16. Hi Rose, I join you in that prayer for peace.

    Plenty of perfect pictures presented;)

  17. Dear Rose,
    Your plants look so pretty. I too have some blooms after a few nights of frost.
    When I saw your parade photograph I said a prayer....Peace....

  18. What a lovely P post, love all the photos! :)

  19. "Let us pray that scenes like this will soon come to an end". Thank you, Rose!

  20. Magnificent photos and colors and plants for a perfect panoply of Ps for the day! Thanks for sharing the beauty!



  21. Hi Rose, What a nice line of pine trees bordering your property. And so many of your flower are still pretty! Perfect Ps.

  22. Great color on the petunia, and I enjoyed the alliteration in your title as well as post. Provident to have a “p” post close to Halloween.

  23. "P" is for "Post a Comment!" Okay, I will! :-)

    What a PERFECTLY lovely POST!

  24. I love this "P" post! What is the plant with the silvery foliage in the pot? Love the jack o'lantern too.

  25. My pelargoniums didn't do very well this year, sadly, because I do love them. The winter pansies are blooming though!

    Your Tarzan looks just like a cat we used to have when I was young, called (imaginatively) Ginger! He was a real battle-scarred warrior of a cat - we took him in as a stray.

  26. Your plants and pet are pretty, and your pumpkin is perfect! Fun P's.

  27. Hi- I'm here from ABC Wed. I love your ending about Peace!
    I learned a lot about gardening from your "P" words. I often photograph things I have no idea how to ID.
    Enjoyed your plethora of photos.

  28. Hello Rose,

    I love your 'P' post. What a great idea. I like your clematis flower. I tried growing them once, but they struggled in the desert heat.

  29. Hardy P's for sure. Love the jack-o-lantern. It might be my fave, ever! And yes, please. Peace and return of our troops.

  30. What a perfect P post Rose. I love your pine perimiter, and that pumpkin is perfect, not to mention the pennywise plant purchase.

    I join you in a prayer for peace.

  31. Wow, you've got a lot still blooming in your garden. Catalogues never mention the fall color of Hydrangeas, but they should, as nearly all of them color up fairly well. Good job on the jack o'lantern.

  32. Thanks to all for your kind comments.

    Carol, sorry I forgot to mention Purdue:)

    Cheryl, I did start to plant some hostas and ferns underneath the pine trees one year, but they didn't do well, and Hubby complained about mowing around them, so I moved them.

    Frances, I did make some craft turkeys out of the pine cones last year for Thanksgiving, but they looked like something a kindergartener would make:)

    Sweet Bay, the plant with the silver foliage is helichyrsum, one of my favorite accent plants for containers. It looks good even dead in the winter.

    Peace to all.

  33. Dah ... I must confess ignorance, Rose, having to look up 'panoply'! Hats off to you and your pleasantly perfect passionate 'P' post!

  34. A PERFECTLY PLEASING POST, PRAIRIE Rose! Lovely Hydrangeas and Sedum. But your last photo reduced me to tears.


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