Saturday, June 16, 2018

June Bloom Day

I'm a little late for Bloom Day, but it's been a busy weekend.  Besides a birthday party for two of the grandchildren, today was our annual Master Gardeners' Garden Walk.  Since I was a volunteer at one of the gardens this morning, I was able to preview all the gardens on the walk last night.  So many gorgeous gardens in our community, full of imagination and ideas to copy.  Maybe I'll get around to doing a post on them--one of these days.  I spent the morning at a friend's garden who has created a beautiful and peaceful oasis in her backyard.

This is one of Jolene's latest additions--she calls it "the door to nowhere."  I was so happy that we had a great turnout this morning in spite of the sweltering heat and humidity.  Everyone was in awe of this hidden gem here in our little town.

You won't find anything that creative in my garden, I'm afraid, but I do have some blooms.  I'm feeling pretty happy that I finally planted all the annuals I purchased this spring, some of which had been languishing on my back porch for nearly a month!  This is a begonia that I fell in love with called 'Appleblossom.'

'Wendy's Wish' Salvia is an annual I plant every year because the hummingbirds love it.  This year I took a friend's advice and planted one in a container near my back porch where I can see the hummingbirds up close as they visit each bloom.  I've noticed the bumblebees love it just as much.

I've discovered I really like succulents.  This combo in an old birdbath is doing well, and just look at the bloom on the Echeveria!

A close-up of these blooms, which I think are pretty cool.

Among the many annuals I planted in containers and in the garden are some I didn't plant-
-at least not this year.

These are 'Prairie Sun' Rudbeckia, which are annuals here, but this year they re-seeded themselves in the roadside garden.  I love volunteers like this!

Other than the annuals, there isn't a lot blooming right now as we transition into summer.  I say "transition" because according to the calendar, it's still spring, but the hot, sweltering weather we have had most of the time since May certainly feels like summer to me.  In the shade garden, Lamium blooms are spreading everywhere.

Lady's Mantle, a newer addition here, is also sporting its blooms.

Since my last Bloom Day post, the hostas have grown by leaps and bounds in the shade garden.

A few are sending up the beginnings of blooms, like 'Empress Wu.'

Indian Pink, Spigelia marilandica, is nowhere as big as the Empress hosta, but I'm happy it has survived here for several years.

The buds are just beginning to open up.

Elsewhere, a few hydrangeas are blooming, including 'Mary Nelle' above, the 'Annabelles,' and 'Ruby Slipper' oak-leaf hydrangea.

The weather lately has been crazy--besides the heat, last weekend we had bad storms that included a tornado nearby.  Fortunately, we had no damage from the strong winds, but we had five inches of rain.  The rain produced some interesting-looking fungi in the lawn.

Moving on to the Butterfly Garden, aka the Garden of Chaos, there are always some surprises--some welcome and many not so welcome.  Not sure what these flowers are--maybe Evening Primrose?  At any rate, I know I didn't plant them.

I have several butterfly weeds, and this one is really doing well right now.  I haven't seen any butterflies in awhile, but I'm hoping they find my garden soon.

Lamb's Ears are shooting up their blooms in the Lily Bed.

One of the more interesting blooms right now in the Arbor Bed--Common Mullein, Verbascum thapsus.  Some might consider this more of a weed, but it certainly draws attention.

The vegetable garden is growing slowly, but I finally picked my first snow peas this past week.  I'm loving the new raised bed built for me by a friend.  Lettuce and spinach will be pulled out soon to make room for some zucchini and squash.

This past week I visited a local lavender farm with a group of fellow gardeners, and what a treat!  I was able to brag that I have finally succeeded in keeping one lavender plant alive for more than a year:)

The Sidewalk garden doesn't have a lot of blooms right now, but these little Monarda are doing their best till the coneflowers take over.

The first Asian lilies are blooming in the Arbor Bed.  'Stella D'Oro' daylilies are also blooming in many places throughout my garden, but the real show of daylilies won't begin for another week or two.

While there aren't a lot of blooms in this transition time between spring and summer, all that is about to change--the coneflowers will be arriving soon!  Between the coneflowers and the daylilies I am looking forward to one of my favorite times in the garden.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is brought to you the 15th of each month by Carol of Maydreams Gardens.  Thanks, Carol, for motivating me to post at least once a month!