Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bittersweet ABC Wednesday

It is ABC Wednesday once again, and since I have been AWOL for the past two weeks, I hope you'll indulge me in catching up with the letters I've missed.

This week's letter F is for Flying. Yesterday I flew home from Portland, Oregon after spending 8 days with my youngest daughter, helping her move cross country to begin graduate school. If you enlarge the photo you--possibly--can see Mount Hood to the left of the center plane rudder and Mount St. Helen's behind it.

It's an exciting time for my Daughter as she begins a new adventure in her life, but a very bittersweet time for me. I am happy for her, but it will be the first time in 39 years that my husband and I will truly have an Empty nest here at home. It will take some time to adjust . . .

Leaving yesterday was very hard for me, not only saying goodbye to Daughter, but to her Dog, Coconut, who will be living with his mom in Portland from now on. Doesn't he look sad? I promised him I would pay for his plane ticket home to visit us any time.

But it is always good to come back home, especially when you are greeted by lots of Doggie kisses and hugs. Sophie was soooo glad to see me; she will have some adjusting to do, too, no doubt wondering where her best friend Coconut has gone. Maybe she'll have to go with me on my next trip to Portland?

More about my trip in a few days; for now, I am going to totally relax today and catch up on some blog reading. Meanwhile, do check out other posts from around the world at the ABC Wednesday blog, hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt.


  1. That post made me tear up. My own children are 21 and 17 and I know that the empty nest time will be here before I know it. I dread it so.

    Poor little Coconut does look sad. Congratulations to your daughter, I wish her the best in her new scholastic adventures.

  2. A fine collection of Letters and pictures. I must admit that I enjoyed seeing the volcanoes, but I must admit that it was also nice to see that they kept their peace.

  3. Nice shots, and I did see the mountains in your flight photo. The empty nest is not so easy to get used to. Good thing you have Sophie...

  4. Wow, Rose, you did a lot better job posting after your trip than I have--I'm so behind! Did your hubby mention anything to you about Sophie and, um, any shenanigans, say?! ;-)

  5. That's a great picture of the two mtns Rose. Glad you made it home safely. Look forward to hearing about the trip.

  6. Welcome home.
    I do understand. My nest is empty. Portland, Oregon is far-far away for me. I have been there a few times since my daughter moved to the Pacific Northwest. It is beautiful country.
    I have taken up a second career with my photography. Makes for a fun senior time....
    Rest and relax.

  7. I love the mountain pictures and look forward to hearing more about the trip. Oregon and the entire Pacific Northwest are breathtaking!

  8. Welcome back! Coconut does look sad indeed. I think you may be spending mucho dollars to bring him home to visit you and Sophie-who has really grown up! Best wishes to your daughter and oh how I'd love to visit Washington State!

  9. Welcome back and the empty nest does need some getting used to but I wish your daughter the best and its a whole new world for all of you.

  10. Dear Rose, I know how it feels when that last child leaves home, bittersweet indeed. But a whole new opportunity awaits, your time is now your own, to do with as you please. Learn something new, more day trips, read! It is an exciting time for your daughter, and you can be happy that she is moving forward with her life, but the expression on little Coconut is just heart wrenching. Even I will miss seeing him in your posts.

  11. Nice to have you back, Rose. Good luck to daughter in her new place. Hope school goes well for her.

  12. It is always bittersweet letting go and allowing our children to fly from the nest. Regardless how old they are we always want to have them close forever....well that's a bit too much..LOL
    My little grandson is 14 months and starting day care tomorrow and his daddy is so concerned..but I tell him...this is the beginning of letting go...allowing him to become independent...hang on more to come.
    Any way I understand how you must be feeling right now and good for comfort her mommy.

    Rose I want to thank you for your support and encouraging words as I
    walk my healing happy that it's summer and I can get comfort and peace from my healing
    garden...remember the one they had at the Phoenix Cactus gardens!!
    (((I forgot the name of it)) sheesh!!
    Come sit by my pond awhile.
    better go..hugs aNNa xo

  13. Oh gosh Rose your post made me swallow a little harder......

    Dear coconut.....he does look sad but animals adjust...they are so adaptable....

    As for daughter....I remember that feeling when the last child goes on her merry takes time but it can give an incredible amount of freedom and time for new ventures.......and when you get together, it will be just that little bit special.......

    Sophie I am sure will have a little more attention and Coconut will be a distant memory.......

    Sweet post Rose.......

  14. Robin, Every mother looks forward to the time when her children are finally on their own, but when the time comes, it's not quite the same when they move FAR away. Do enjoy every moment with your children! At least I am fortunate to have all the grandkids nearby.

    RuneE, To me, it was amazing to see the peaks of these mountains visible above the clouds as we were flying.

    Carol, Yes, Sophie was a planned child:) I knew that Coconut would one day be leaving us.

    Monica, I've given myself permission today to veg out and not do much of anything; tomorrow, though, I'd better get to work on all the tomatoes I have! Yes, the "shenanigan" was mentioned--apparently, Sophie took out her frustrations on the nice stuffing-filled doggie bed I bought her:)

    Susie, This trip was mostly a "work" trip, but I do have a few pictures, whenever I get caught up here to post them!

    Sherry, I do have some plans for my "free" time--converting Daughter's bedroom into a guest room is first on the list. Yes, this will give me an excuse to travel even more.

    Rose, I didn't get much time for sightseeing, but what I saw of the Northwest on the drive out was certainly beautiful. I'm hoping the next trip out to see much more.

    Tina, Doesn't Coco look sad? I just checked out pet-friendly airlines, so Grandma may be buying him a ticket home one of these days:) Are you wanting to visit the state of Washington or WU in particular?

    Photowannabe, I am happy for Daughter and think this will be a great experience for her. I'm just hoping to accumulate some frequent flyer miles:)

    Frances, I do plan to throw myself into various activities--I now have an empty room to re-do! Yes, Coconut is the hard one--I can't talk to him on the phone or by e-mail:(

    Marnie, I'm hoping this will be a great experience for Daughter, too. I'm just not used to having her so far away.

  15. Great photos Rose! I hope you will gradually adjust to your new circumstances and I'm sure the lovely Sophie will help you, she looks so gentle!

  16. This is a difficult time in your life Rose. It will be fun too though. If you get too sad and lonesome come on over here for a day or so. You will be glad to get back home again. ;)

    Best of luck to your daughter. That is far away from home. I hope she likes it out there. It is a beautiful partof the country.

  17. Ah....... the empty nest syndrome. I know the feeling so well.
    Lovely photos and I do love the way you put all these themes together for ABC Wednesday.

  18. Welcome home! That plane image was fun. You shall always be Coconut's dog-grannie.

  19. How wonderful for your daughter to begin this exciting new phase of her life. And what an opportunity for you to grow as a person (in other words, it's a lot harder to be the one left behind, than the one to leave).

  20. Oh Rose I didn't realise that your daughter leaving would leave you with an empty nest :(

    Thinking of you.


  21. I saw Mount Hood and looked it up in Wikipedia where it says: Mount Hood is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt, though based on its history, an explosive eruption is unlikely. Well I am glad that it is still quiet! In Europe we haven't got many vulcanoes.
    The empty nest feeling is still with me. I know what it is! The best thing is to go find hobbies, which I am sure you have plenty of. Thanks for visiting!

  22. Rose, it's so good to have you back! I know it will take some time to adjust to the empty nest-but a guest bedroom will be so much fun to do and have. :)

    Sophie will enjoy the undivided attention and having the rule of the house now. Coco will be such good company for M. and a friend to turn to if homesick happens.

    Can't wait to see more photos of your trip!

  23. Awwww! Don't be sad. You've done your job as a mother. My two boys have left home now, and I'm so proud of them for managing life on their own and doing it so well!

    So sad to say goodbye to Coconut though. I'm sure Sophie will be a great comfort to you.

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

  24. great thematic flow. My girl's only 5, so I still have time

  25. Anna, Yes, we do want our children to be independent, and I'm glad that Daughter is pursuing her dreams. Sophie makes the empty house much livelier:) I'm looking forward to getting a chance to visit you at the Desert Botanical Gardens next winter!

    Cheryl, I know I will adjust...already I am planning converting Daughter's bedroom into a guest room. I have even more time now to get some much-needed work done! Sophie is missing her buddy, but I know she will adjust. She actually seems better behaved than before I left.

    ShySongbird, Sophie is getting lots of extra love these days:)

    Lisa, What I saw of Oregon--from the car--was absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it the next time I visit.

    Maggie May, I'm trying to stay positive and look at the bright side of the empty nest--my house will stay much neater, for one:)

    Sarah, Thankfully, Coconut is small enough to come home as in-cabin luggage. Daughter better not leave him home when she visits!

    MMD, I am happy for my daughter, and I'm already making plans to fill up my time. But do enjoy your children while they're young--they grow up too quickly!

    Suburbia, It's just another phase in life, isn't it? Remember me when your kids' demands seem stressful:)

    Reader Wil, I didn't realize Mount Hood was an inactive volcano--scary! Being used to flat country here at home, I found the mountains so beautiful. Yes, I have lots of gardening and other plans in mind.

    Beckie, Yes, I've already been bed-shopping for the new guest room:) Sophie has gotten lots of love, and although we would have loved keeping Coconut here, I know it will be good for M to have him there. Thanks so much for driving me home so late at night! It's a wonder we didn't find our way to Wisconsin:)

    Jay, It's been as hard to adjust to Coconut leaving as to Daughter's leaving:) He doesn't understand, nor does Sophie. But I'm sure they'll adjust and enjoy seeing each other again when Daughter comes home for a visit.

    Roger, Five years old is a wonderful age--enjoy every moment with her!

  26. Welcome home...So sorry to have missed your Bittersweet ABC posting on Wednesday! Wow on the mountain/volcano photos..They are magnificent even from great heights!

    It's hard when our kids are far away~~I can tell you that before long you will be so used to an empty house that it will seem natural. It will feel crowded when they return for a visit! There is some adjusting and sadness before we hit the ground running!

    Sweet Coconut does look sad~~I think they sense more then we know!


  27. oh rose, it must have been so difficult and you must be so proud at the same take your daughter so far from home.
    your first photo is very vivid and beautiful with the mountainous range in blue and the red rudders pointin them out. nice capture.
    poor little coconut and sophie...they will miss each other.
    i am not sure i will ever have an empty nest...they just keep coming in and out of the revolving door of our house. anyway you should do something you have always wanted to but put off taking are of the kids or start a new hobby. i hope you will find the comfort you need with all the children gone.

    happy end of august.

  28. I can't imagine how empty the house must be. My boys are 16 & 20 and it's never quiet here. ;) Poor Coconut, I think he's going to miss his grandma & his buddy Sophie.

  29. Gail, I think I'm as sad for Coconut and Sophie as I am for myself. They don't really understand why they can't be with their best buddy any more. I'm adjusting...

    Marmee, Thanks for the kind words...I've had a revolving door at my house for years, too, so this is really a new experience for me. I'm very lucky, though, that all the grandkids live nearby.

    Racquel, I've had some time to slowly adjust as each child moved out...I know I will adjust; it's just that both daughters now live so far away. I'm working on getting frequent flier miles:) I'm sure you would enjoy some peace and quiet at times, but do enjoy the hubbub at your house right now.

  30. Hi Rose, I read your trip post before this one. Lots of changes... but as you noted, all for the good. Best of luck to your daughter in grad school!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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