Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday: B

The ABC Wednesday theme is on round 4 already, and this week we have come to the letter B. Not a gardening theme here today, but rather one of my favorite possessions . . .

. . .Books!

In my last post I joined in a meme that asked "if you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 plants would you want to take with you?" When I first read this question, I thought it said deserted island, and my first thoughts were much more practical than planting flowers--a clean change of clothes and coffee(!) came to mind. But practicality aside, if I were stranded on a deserted island something I would much rather have with me than plants (no offense to my garden blogging friends, I hope) would be Books. I've been an avid reader since I was a child, and I can't imagine not reading something every day. Check back in another day or two, and I will tell you about some of the latest books I've read, including a recommendation for a very enjoyable novel.

"I cannot live without books."

--Thomas Jefferson

As much as I would like to be on a warm, tropical island right now, if I were, I would have missed the surprise delivery of this beautiful Bouquet. A good friend sent this to me for doing her a small favor. Although I didn't expect such a grand gesture of thanks, the sunny yellow lilies and red berries have been a cheery pick-me-up during these gray, cold days.

For more ABC posts, visit Mr. Linky on the link above. And I do hope you'll come back to read my first book review on Thursday.


  1. Very nice too! Lilies are often fragrant, but watch that pollen! It stains........

    I am also a vivid reader, and think that books areessential. However if I was on a desert Island I would be thinking a fishing net might be the difference between life & death and a container for water and some other practical things like waterproof sheeting!

  2. You'd need an 'L' for Library if you were stranded for long!

  3. The bonquet is nice, I could use one like that. ^^

    Hmm.. a dessert island, can I bring my laptop and its charger? I can't live without bloggnig. Wait, the island might not have electricity.. then, can I bring a solar-electricity generator? ha..
    I'm babbling again.

    Take care.

  4. What would we do if we couldn't read a good book? Life would be a lot less interesting. Do you remember our 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' story. :}
    The flowers are a lovely gesture. What a day brightner.

  5. Great looking basket of blooms to brighten up a dreary day. Looking forward to a book review!!

  6. Oh yes, I hear ya Rose. I wouldn't want to be without my books either.

    Seeing the bouquet makes me happy too. It full of sunny cheery colors.

  7. I love your barrister bookcase! It is what I saw right away as I've always wanted one. So pretty. And I too love books-that's why I want them dust free.

  8. Rose, I agree 100%. First if we were stranded on a desert island we better bring cactus since nothing else would grow. Altho I like cactus, I would much rather read a book. I'm really looking forward to your reading list. Reading is my passion also.

  9. Maggie May, Funny you should say that--granddaughter and youngest Daughter were sticking their noses into the lilies the other night to be silly and see who could come up with the reddest nose:) I'm not a fisherman, so I'd probably have to live off any fruit on the island:)

    Rinkly Rimes, So true!

    Ching Ya, LOL,I would go through blogging withdrawal if I didn't have a computer for awhile:)

    Beckie, I do remember well the "For Whom the Bell Tolls" episode. I never did finish that book:)

    Flydragon, the bouquet was a nice surprise. I'm working on the book review right now...

    Lisa, One of the great joys of being retired is having lots of time to read!

    Tina, The barrister bookcase is an old one that belonged to my mother-in-law; I love it!

    Marnie, I like looking at the cacti in Arizona, but I wouldn't want to have to plant them all around a desert island--I'd be covered in spines, for sure:) Somehow I thought you were a book lover, too.

  10. Nice one Rose! And I think I can add one to your shelves today ;)

  11. LoL...I recognize some of those authors - Cornwell, Grisham, Michener - from *My post* this week! (even a few of the same titles!)

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and Happy Reading!

  12. I'm with you Rose, books are wonderful! I can spend lots of time in the bookstore exploring.

    Your bouquet is very pretty. Don't you just love surprises like that?

  13. I'm with you! I don't know what I'd do if I had nothing to read!

  14. Mr. Jefferson also liked his flowers! I like reading books, but I only like to own those I will read or consult more than once. Libraries are my friend!

  15. Yes, I'd have to have books on a deserted island. But which three would I choose if I were limited? Man, that's a tough call! The Bible, I suppose. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. What else? Maybe The Joy of Cooking. I'd need to know how to prepare island cuisine.

  16. Good ABC post...I love your bookcase...I almost did books too...they are essential...

  17. Can't wait to read your review! I'm always ready to find out about a book I haven't read.

  18. Hi Rose..... I understand your love of books Rose. I read every night before I sleep. Mostly gardening books....also nature diaries. I only ever read fiction on holiday.
    I would have to take plants in preference to books.....I could not live without them....books would come a close second.......

  19. That is a beautiful bouquet. Books have cropped in quite a few posts I see. And understandably. Bloggers are probably readers too, do you think? On the whole?

    WE have a long-running radio programme over here called Desert Island Discs where the castaway each week chooses 8 records to take on a desert island. He's also allowed the bible, and a book of choice. Just one!

  20. Oh, books... =o) What an excellent choice for B!

  21. Oh Rose, when I saw Desert Island I thought of desserts...and was so glad Joy (Gardenjoyforme)made that connection, too! It's how my mind is working these days. MUst have more chocolate.

    I couldn't live without books either....Even though I am reading garden books right now...and easy to consume mysteries! Later on it will be back to some great fiction. So your recommended book and your list will be very welcome!

    keep warm out there or better yet, curled up with a good book.


  22. Very much looking forward to your book review! I love nosing through peoples bookshelves :)

  23. I've loved books for as long as I can remember. I like reading novels, but I also have lots of beautiful books about dolls houses and miniatures, cross stitch and different types of interiors, such as Victorian, Georgian etc. If I say I am going to have a look at the books, in the book shop, I mean that I'm going to buy at least one!

  24. Books are as necessary as food. Good post!

    I'm also here on behalf of the ABC Team to thank you for posting.

  25. Oh goodie, you can read to me while on the island! The basket of flowers is beautiful and will cheer you up for days to come. It looks so fresh...

  26. I too cannot live without books, Rose, although I have TOO MANY books and am going to have to see the used book seller and see if he'd like to buy a few hundred. It's just getting to be too much here, but I have some very good books that I don't want to just donate to the local library (though they get lots from me too).
    Bouquets are also nice...what a thoughtful friend.

  27. VP, Yes, I'd like to add that gardening book!

    Mo, You have a keen eye:) When I find an author I like, I tend to read everything by him/her.

    Susie, The bouquet was a wonderful surprise.

    Jay, I think there are a lot of readers here.

    Monica, You're right about Jefferson--I hadn't even thought about that! I get most of my books from the library, too.

    JulenaJo, Great choices--those are three books you could read over and over.

    Carol, Jefferson's quote fits me, too:)

    Joyce, I think you would enjoy the book I'm going to recommend.

  28. Cheryl, I've always preferred fiction--I guess I like to escape:) I don't read as much in the summertime--that's when the garden takes over.

    Liz, That sounds like an interesting radio program. I wonder what songs I would want to listen to over and over.

    Fotosekken, Thanks for visiting!

    Gail, I would definitely have to have chocolate on that DESSERT island:) I skim through gardening books more than read them...I just like fiction best.

    Suburbia, People's bookshelves reveal something about them, don't they? I don't know what all my murder mysteries say about me, though:)

    Mean Mom, I can lose all track of time in a bookstore:)

    Dragonstar, Thank you for hosting!

    Skeeter, Now there's a thought! I've been known to put my children--and sometimes my students--to sleep while reading to them:)

    Jodi, I've tried to limit my buying of books, because I have filled up all my bookshelves. Don't you hate parting with them, though?

  29. Beautiful bouquet!

    I'd need a Sudoku book with thousands of puzzles! :-)


  30. Love the Bookcase! Nice Bouquet!

  31. Hi Rose, what a lovely bookcase you have, those books look well loved too. And that bouquet! Hypericum berries are a favorite of mine and lilies are divine, as are your abc posts. I look forward to going through the alphabet again with you this year! :-)

  32. Ah, yes! Books. Books and more books. Where would we B without them? Great post and lovely bouquet!


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