Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC Wednesday: "Beary" Proud Grandma

This week we have come to the letter O, which logically for me, and for the season, should be Oak tree, but I am saving that for a later post on fall foliage. Instead, the letter O stands for an accomplishment . . .

. . .Obedience School Graduation!

That's right--little Bear, my youngest Granddog---er, Grandson, as Daughter prefers I call him-- successfully completed his first puppy school course and passed with flying colors. No, that is not Daughter in the photo, and I apologize for the quality of the picture; I imagine she took it with her camera phone. Daughter was very proud of her "son's" accomplishment and immediately e-mailed the photo to Grandma. Daughter, who has no human children, is a little sensitive about family dynamics and continually reminds me that I should treat all my grandchildren the same, regardless of their species. So I thought it was only fair that since my last post featured my human grandchildren, I should give equal time to one of my canine grands.

In case you don't recognize the facial features, Bear is a Mastiff puppy. Did I mention he is only 5 months old?

I haven't had a chance to see him in person yet, but I will be visiting Daughter and her family in Arizona in early December. I'm looking forward to taking Bear for walks, so I do hope the obedience school training included being led on a leash. The last time I visited her, her pug Odie was so happy to see me that he slept on the air mattress with me every night.
This time I will have my own room with a queen size bed! But I am a little concerned now--today Daughter called me today for advice on dog food--apparently Bear is having a little problem with indigestion and flatulence. The bed may not be big enough for the three of us . . .

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  1. Love it! I have a daughter just like yours. Her pets are her children (she is 27). She recently joined the Army and guess who has the granddog? Me! She also has flatulence. One thing I have learned about big dogs (I have two big ones and one small one of my own in addition to hers now) is that it helps to feed them from an elevated food dish. Measure their food too. My granddog gets flatulence really bad from table scraps so we try to limit them. Should've seen her on the trip from Maine. Yikes! That 'grandson' of yours will be big and beautiful.

  2. Oh Rose I am practically falling off the chair from laughter! Thank you for the laughs today...

    I can't imagine how big this dog will be by December..good luck walking him and I hope the room has a door if the digestion problem isn't worked out! My cat went on probiotics and the vet suggested feeding him unsweetened canned pumpkin to help...much cheaper then the probiotics for pets!


  3. Oh my gosh, that dog will be huge!

  4. Hi!
    Nice looking granddog! He's big! And only 5 months old, my goodness! Take Care!!


  5. Congratulations to one Bear from another.
    A magnificent puppy.

    Bear((( )))

  6. Oh well done, bear! What an achievement! You must indeed be a beary proud gradma.

  7. Wow Rose, your granddog is going to be huge! Bear is a good name for him!

  8. Rose .. my god you made me laugh girl ! .. the "gas" problem Bear has is only normal .. he may have just gotten too excitd with graduation and maybe a few too many treats .. but just in case .. when you visit .. sleep on the side of the bed that faces the WINDOW !!!!! ... it might just save your life ? hahahaha
    Very cute picture !

  9. What a lovely post! You have a very handsome young grandson. What a clever pup to graduate from obedience school like that. Is there such a thing as a non-flatulent dog?

  10. He's a beautiful dog. You might want to start lifting weights before you go, just in case he forgets how to heel;) Maybe you should take a bottle of Vicks with you. Won't have any effect on the dog but you won't notice any disturbing odors;) Just kidding.

  11. Love your daughter Rose......she would suit me thats for sure.....always had a soft spot for animals....I could forgive the mastiff anything....even the flatulence......

    fun post

  12. I wonder who will be taking who for that walk - you or the dog?

  13. Good luck with the flatulence!! He does look rather BIG!

  14. Oh Rose, I was chuckling the whole time. The sensitive about family dynamics is classic! Looks like you are getting lots of good doggie food advice about flatulence. That sounds pretty scary to me and I agree with the vicks solution. But many congrats on the graduation, that is a step in the right direction!

  15. Congratulations to Bear! I'm all for dogs doing obedience training! It's good for them and for their owners!

  16. Thank you Rose for suggesting I visit brought tears to my eyes, my bees have all left, so it was lovely to see them on someone's blog.......

  17. That's going to be a massive grandson! He's really cute though. Hope they get that problem taken care of before your visit.

  18. What a handsome granddog you have Rose. He will be so happy to see his grandma. He is going to be enormous. It is good she is taking him to obedience training. Congrats on his graduation with honors.

    Those big dogs usually do best when they are fed twice per day. That should also help matters.

  19. I love it!! Great post!! What a cute dog and congrats for completing his schooling. You seem like a proud grandma. Thank you for joining ABC Wednesday!

  20. Tina, That's right--our daughters are the same age. We wound up keeping her cat Toby because she felt he would be happier here. Thanks for the tips on feeding Bear--I'll pass that along.

    Gail, I just want to meet Bear before he's fully grown so he can used to me. I may have to resort to the air mattress again if he decides to sleep with me:)

    Joyce, His dad is about 200 pounds!

    Sherrie, I can't imagine what he's going to look like when he's fully grown. Thanks for visiting!

    Bear Naked, I thought you might like his name:)

    Liz, As far as I know, Bear hasn't tried to escape, though:) Would he fit in your Beetle?

    Linda, Leave it to my daughter to pick the largest breed of dog!

    Joy, An open window sounds like a great idea!

    Dragonstar, I think you're right--her pug also has the same problem. Thanks for visiting!

    Marnie, No offense taken--I was thinking much the same thing about being walked by HIM:) Vicks sounds like a good idea--isn't that what coroners use? (I've read too many Patricia Cornwell novels!)

  21. Cheryl, Daughter never met an animal she didn't like:) She would have even more if she had the room and the money to take care of them all.

    VP, I've been thinking much the same thing:)

    Suburbia, Yes, I'm wondering how big he'll be by December. I hope he doesn't like to jump on people!

    Frances, Daughter even gets a little upset if there aren't stockings on the fireplace at Christmas for the granddogs:)

    Jay, Mastiffs are supposed to be very obedient dogs--good thing considering how big they are!

    Cheryl, I knew you would love that post.

    Susie, I am definitely going to pass on all these suggestions to Daughter long before I come out to visit:)

    Lisa, Thanks for the additional tip on feeding. I like big dogs, but I think Bear is going to be quite a bit bigger than Luna.

    Chrissym, Thanks for dropping by! I love all my grandchildren no matter how many feet they have:)

  22. Rose,

    Can you hear me laughing all the way down here?

    I have two granddogs that my 26 year old daughter considers as children... Both of them graduated from Obedience School with honors, and let me tell you, my daughter doesn't let me forget it! I even attended one of their lessons.

    Congratulations on a very impressive Mastiff. Go, Bear!!!


  23. At last a picture of Bear! I got to see pictures at least of all your other grands long before this one. I'll bet he turns out to be a big sweetie with kisses and everything. You will have to bring back some pics of him so we can see how much he is growing. By the way, how is the bulb planting coming??

  24. Congratulations on Bear's achievement.
    What a massive dog he will grow into. He will eat some food in his lifetime!

  25. Mary, Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, Bear lives too far away for me to see him frequently. I hope he won't forget his Grandma once we meet.

    Beckie, I plan to take lots of pictures when I go visit him (and Daughter). The bulb planting has been on hold with this cold weather; hopefully, today and tomorrow I can make some major inroads into all those bags of bulbs!

    Maggie May, I think he will be huge!

  26. Good boy! Good Boy! He is going to be a whopper. Obedience training is so important...especially for a big dog.

  27. I just love the banner and the mortarboard on Bear--too cute! I always tell my mom she has grandcats, but she's not buying it. What impressed me a lot about my friend Carole was that when I first met her, I asked her if she had grandchildren and she reeled off the names and ages, both of humans and dogs! :)
    ~ Monica

  28. Congratulations to Bear. Being that big all he learned will go to good use.
    I have a Granddogger too. Son's Labradoodle stays here now and then. I love her to pieces but its a challenge since I never had a dog in my life. She's just a year old and will only get to be 35 lbs. Big enough for me. Good luck with the "gas"...LOL

  29. A fall foliage post sounds promising since ours is mostly past. Congratulations to grand-dog! A puppy? Good thing they did obedience when he was “small.” I should stop calling my retriever a big dog.

  30. Oh boy - I don't think you want that dog in your bed. LOL!
    I liked the photo. It was fine. Lucky you to be visiting Arizona in December. Be sure to bring your camera. I'd love to see some pics of you and your family.
    Congrats on passing doggie school!
    My daughter's dog failed. Can you believe? Failed doggie school!! I did not think that was possible.
    Ah well.

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