Friday, May 23, 2008

Two good reasons to spend the holiday weekend in your garden

1. Watching the first iris bud..

...unfurl and bloom.

2. .........

May you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.
(If you are having trouble loading the title, as I did, the whole point is lost. The title is "Two reasons to spend the hoiday weekend in your garden." #1 is the iris.)


  1. Two very good reasons! I meant to go see your iris when I was there as mine aren't blooming yet.I did see the gas prices though. :( I am going to have to move the lanium as I put it in full sun. Oh well, I should have asked!

  2. Perhaps with the state of gas prices more folks will have a *safe* memorial weekend, hah ha.

    Your iris is just gorgeous - I love irises so much. I've got one bud that just might open this weekend and I'm very excited about it :)

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Luckily it is going to be a wonderful (weather wise) weekend to stay home in the garden. Maybe I'll stop at the nursery a couple blocks from my home and buy some plants it would be cheaper than gas, LOL

  4. The Iris is lovely and such a beautiful colour......they look really good when they are planted in drifts. Somehow the bud catches my eye more than the bloom.
    Have a wonderful weekend Rose.

  5. Beckie, the original tag with the lamium said "shade," but you could try them in the sun. Mine get a little sun during the day. I haven't had a chance to plant the cuttings you gave me yet; hope they can last until tomorrow.

    Amy, I'm excited about the irises, too. They're "passalongs" from my aunt, and this is the first year they've bloomed.

    Karen, If I had a choice between buying gas or buying a plant, I know which one I'd choose!

    Cheryl, I was so disappointed the picture of the bud didn't turn out better; they are pretty, too. I have a drift of purple irises. At our old house I had the most beautiful purple and white: I'm kicking myself now that I didn't transplant some of those when we moved.

  6. I have an Iris that is just about to bloom- hopefully this weekend if the weather warms up!

    I'm starting to miss the Buick Skyhawk I had before I got married- the SUV that I'm driving is really putting a dent in the bank account when I go to the gas station!

  7. Yep, I just love those Irises. That gas price is worse than what we are having here. We aren't going far from home this weekend either.

  8. Yes indeed. My bicycle and I are going to spend some quality time together!

  9. Hi, Rose. I saw your comment on Faire Garden and decided to stop by. I'm glad I did. Besides having a name for your blog that is so appealing, your "late blooming" characteristic reminds me of my own (although mine has to do with career choice instead of gardening). I'll be back again!

  10. It was our Canadian long weekend last weekend and it was miserably cold!
    Temps are on the low 40's!!Many of the bulbs are still shut tight.
    This Sat. morning the sun is out and perhaps Mother Nature will give us a warm wekend to enjoy for once.
    Happy gardening to you!

  11. Rose,

    Excellent photos! I am in Missouri and have sticker shock from gar prices! AND wish I was tending my garden not the garden sitter/plant watterer!


  12. Hi Rose
    Lovely Iris. My mum brought me some from her garden when she came down last Monday. They are such unusual colours. They look fantastic in a big vase on my dining table!

    Hope your holiday weekend goes well.

  13. I agree, Rose! Your Iris photo is stunning. I live in a neighborhood where most people travel on holiday weekends. Not so this year! The high in NC for gas is now $4.01 for regular. It's a record.

    Have a wonderful holiday - safe at home :o)


  14. Hi everybody, and thanks for stopping by. I am taking my own advice and spending a quiet weekend at home, enjoying the iris while they last and planting LOTS of flowers.

  15. Hello Rose,

    I hope watching daylilies open instead of iris will count... because that's what we have blooming now.

    Someone on the radio news thought they were very funny, first referring to the gas prices and then talking about the weekend as a "Stay-cation"

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  16. Thanks for popping in, Rose. I'm UP NORTH at the cottage. Gas prices have put the dampers on many but those of us who travel regardless, treasure the moment (as the garden back home thrives ... yearning for tender care when we return). Enjoy the holiday!

  17. Gas prices in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago are about $4.15 a gallon, so remember, it could always be worse. Pretty Iris - my Siberians are just starting to open.

  18. We've just had our first day of fuel protests today - it's gone up nearly by nearly a dollar in a month :(

  19. i love irises. They are so spectacular and majestic and beautifully-coloured.


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