Thursday, May 8, 2008

Redbuds and Rants

I am constantly amazed by the people who manage to write a new post everyday and still have time to read other blogs. So today instead of lots of photos and trying to write anything profound, I will just share my journal entries so far this week.


  • Beautiful day. Cleaned up area near roadside for new flowerbed expansion. Tried to start new tiller to till up bed.
  • Planted kohlrabi and sweet basil in vegetable garden which husband tilled on Sunday. Tried to start new tiller.
  • Weeded back yard. Tried to start new tiller.
  • Painted part of buggy seat which will sit in main flowerbed. Tried to start new tiller.
  • Husband came home from work and started tiller on first try.
  • Husband tilled up part of new flowerbed, then turned it over to me.
  • Finished tilling flowerbed; no need to exercise today.


  • Another beautiful day. Planted new perennials in new roadside area. Storms forecast for tomorrow. Hope new plants don't get hailed on.
  • Painted rest of buggy seat.
  • Too tired to exercise.


  • Rainy day. Perfect for getting my hair cut and shopping for a new outfit to wear to daughter's graduation this weekend.
  • Get hair cut--lookin' good for shopping!
  • Visit major department store #1. Pass up the sleeveless dresses (should have kept up with those dumbbell exercises this winter). Pass up the bold geometric prints and baby doll dresses that look like something Twiggy used to wear. (For you young ones out there, Twiggy was the Kate Moss of the '60's.) Find one dress possibility and several jackets and tops. Head to fitting room with armload of clothes. (Experience has taught me out of 10 outfits tried on, I'm lucky if one looks good on me.)

  • Try on polka dot dress with red shrug. Doesn't look too bad. Turn around for rear view. Never mind--dress goes back on hanger. Try on gray pantsuit--a definite possibility and on sale besides. Jacket fits, pants are a little snug--can I lose ten pounds by Sunday? Try to sit down and find that the pants are low-rise and fastener on waistband cuts into navel when I sit. Back onto hangar. After several more outfits, decide white trapeze jacket has possibilities. Will put it on hold.

  • Visit two more stores. No dresses worth trying on, so settle for checking out jackets and dressy tops. Empire waist tops and floating tops should camouflage midriff bulge. Dressy blue top is very comfortable, but makes me look six months pregnant. Finally decide to buy two tops, but they're too casual for graduation.

  • Finally go back to store #1 and purchase jacket put on hold. Today is senior discount day, and though I'm not a senior citizen, their cut-off age is very low, plus I have fake I.D. in case they question me. Nobody asks for I.D. I get the 20% discount.
  • Final stop at Walmart for some basic necessities. On my way to pick up antacid and dental floss, I pass by dietary aids. I pause for a moment and decide to forego buying some Slim-Fast. The chocolate doesn't taste bad, though, when accompanied by a Big Mac and fries. I notice a new diet plan displayed prominently in center aisle. It promises to "flush" away pounds in days. After imagining for a few moments how this might work, I put box back on shelf. My digestive system is very delicate as it is; no need to invite more problems. Waiting in the check-out line I have time to peruse several magazines. I'm intrigued by the headline that promises a 30-lb. weight loss by Memorial Day (c'mon, who's that gullible?). I have time to read the whole article; the culprit apparently is high fructose corn syrup, and listed are many products containing it. I put back magazine and decide on a salad for supper.
  • Stop to exercise at Curves before going home.

Author's commentary: Shopping for clothes used to be fun for me. Now it's a chore. When I find something I like, I usually discover that I am in the petite department or that it is only available up to a size 8. (I am neither.) When are clothing companies, other than a few more expensive specialty brands, going to realize that my generation--the Baby Boomers--make up the largest segment of the population? When will they give us some flattering choices other than clothes that make us look either like ridiculous teenage-wannabes or else frumpy matrons?

I think too many mainstream clothing designers are still following the Barbie principle. But Barbie is going to turn 50 next year! And even my "skinny" friends complain about their thickening waistlines; nobody I know has an 18-inch waist, for heaven's sake.

Thursday AM: Getting ready to go shopping again, but this time with Beckie and shopping for plants. Should be a good day. All plants come in my size.

Oh yes, the redbuds...As you can see, the blossoms are slowly giving way to green leaves. I am always a little sad to see the lovely pink-purple blooms go, but thank you to whoever told me to notice that the leaves are actually heart-shaped. Also when the tree is covered with leaves, that means the hummingbirds are on their way!
Have a good day, everyone!


  1. Oh Rose, what a great, funny post. Every high spot of your week could have been written by me, can't start a pull type machine, all clothes look ridiculous or don't fit, too tired after working outside and all plants fit perfectly! Brilliant!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. I love this post. I, too, struggle getting gas engines to start. Darn things.

    And clothes shopping? ugh.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Clothes shopping yuk....don't diet Rose or take those horrible pills and potions. The best thing I have found as you get older is to eat less, but have everything you like. It works for me, fodd is still enjoyable but there is less on your plate.

    I spend most of my time in jeans and T shirts and I love it. I am not a dressing up sort of girl.

    Hope all goes well with daughters graduation, you must be proud.

    As for post, I keep mine so simple, I am not a complicated person. Fifteen minutes and the pictures and writing are done. I spend an hour in the evening or lunch time looking at blogs I like. If you make it a chore its not enjoyable, be yourself. We like you that way.
    Have fun with Beckie, I know you will!!!!

  4. Remember when we used to go on all day clothes shopping sprees? We'd take 10 outfits in and 9 would look good on us! We'd have lunch and go back to shopping, take a coffee break and shop more. Then on the way home, we'd find a place we missed and shop once again. We could find enough clothes in one day to last for months. Ahhh, those were the days.

  5. Rose I chuckled all through this post. It could have been written by me. Ha... I can't start pull type machines. All the tops look like the maternity tops I wore in the early 70's, and I would much rather buy plants now anyway. Ha...

    Don't worry about blogging every day. It isn't necessary. I sure don't. There are plenty of blogs to read whenever you get a chance. Just have fun with it. Don't make it a chore. I don't watch tv and have a Dearly Beloved that is on the computer a lot too so I have lots of time to blog and read blogs.

    I hope you and Beckie have fun shopping today. It is a perfect day for plant shopping (rain). Can't wait to see what you buy. Funny that I plant shop now like Beckie describes how you used to clothes shop, and yes all the plants fit.

  6. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. I'm glad you found this humorous. I find that laughing at myself or the situation is the best way to deal with annoyances.

    Frances, Gardening is supposed to be good exercise, so I figure I'm getting a workout that way. Glad you could relate!

    Carol, Why are those pull-starts so darned hard to start?? I love my new little Mantis, but it's not quite the effortless little stroll in the garden as pictured in the commercials.

    Cheryl, Don't worry; I'm not into fad dieting. The magazine article actually wasn't too bad: their idea was to stay away from processed foods and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. My problem is staying away from the snacks!
    Like you, I spend most of my time now in jeans or sweats, but every once in awhile I need to dress up.

    Lisa and Cheryl, Thanks for your advice on blogging. At first I did feel somewhat overwhelmed and felt this need to keep up with everyone else, as if this were a competition. I know it's not, and I've found what I enjoy doing is writing, and posting just 2 or 3 times a week gives me the time to write the way I want. And sometimes I don't have time or can't get on the computer so I read two or three days' post at a time, which is why I don't always comment every day.

    Beckie, Yes, I do remember those days--our younger, skinnier days. Of course, honestly I don't think either of us care that much about clothes any more anyway. You have to set priorities--plants, here we come!

  7. So pleased to hear that you are not into fad dieting. I know so many people who do this and end up in such a mess. I hope you didn't mind me saying.

  8. Not at all, Cheryl. I have enough health concerns (all minor) without adding to them. And I really don't care what the scale says; I just want to be able to fit into my clothes a little better. It's amazing to me, though, how many people fall for some of these extreme diets.

  9. Rose - this made me chuckle so much. Hubby has had the same trouble with our tiller and I'm the same age as Barbie! I find just 1 thing worse than clothes shopping - shoes :( :( :(

  10. Clothes shopping - yuck!

    I don't know how some people have time to post and read blogs either I guess I'm not that organized! But I won't change otherwise it wouldn't be fun. :)

  11. I can't work, write, post, and visit every intended friend daily. But sure glad I made it here tonight for a delightful diary of what life is truly about. You are a dear, Rose!

  12. This was so great :)

    You know, even I (who am in my early thirties) have a very, very hard time finding clothes I like. Just once I'd like to find a pair of pants that are long enough (I'm a tall girl), don't flash someone more than they want to see when I bend over or squat, don't look like they belong on a sixteen year old, and don't look matronly. Argh!!

    I too marvel at how people have time to post so often and read so much, but then I have a very young family and am practically run off my feet :) Ever since I decided sleep was important I have fallen further and further behind on my blog reading :)

  13. VP, I've apparently struck a nerve with lots of people with the trials of clothes shopping. I do love shopping for shoes, but now I go for the "comfortable" section.

    Karen, Thanks for stopping by. I have found I have to set limits on my time reading blogs. But I've also given up some of my "time-wasters" like watching so much TV.

    Joey, Thanks for the kind comments. I always enjoy looking at your stunning photography.

    Amy, I can relate to pants shopping--most pants are too short for me, too. And I don't know how you do it with small children. I remember those days well when sleep was a precious commodity. I think many people will be posting and reading less often as the gardening season gets into full swing. And we will all understand that!

  14. Oh my goodness ROSE !
    You have given me such a laugh on my Ouch Friday !
    I love everything you have decided on .. weight loss is almost impossible .. all clothes suck right now (especially coming into summer).. designers still think in Barbie terms .. I'm turning 52 so I'm older than Barbie but my brain thinks I'm stuck on 32 ..
    ALL PLANTS FIT is too right !
    The tiller .. that was too funny .. you should see the snow blower episodes we had here this winter .. and no, I don't even try that one !
    I don't know how the girls do it either .. post such great stuff and read so much .. I'm just trying to answer comments on my moan and groan day : )
    Thanks for the giggles and snorts !

  15. Dear Rose,
    All plants do fit!
    I have changed my interest in clothes. I have gone to fair trade , all natural, organic fiber clothing. Thus clothes shopping for me is somewhat difficult! I have a couple of shops that I visit.
    Thanks for the smiles.

  16. BTW I've tagged you - I doooooo hope you wanna play.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  17. I have saved this to read today when I knew I had time not to rush it! I LAUGHED!!
    The Tiller...isn't it just typical when husbands can sort things out first time that you've tried so many times before!

    And the clothes.. I hate clothes shopping. it's those mirrors that show how you look from behind I hate, especially when you look at your behind when you still have your OWN clothes on! It can be such a shock and never pleasant!!

    Fake ID???!!!

    Thanks for a lovely post. Hope your planting was sucessful and pleasing.

    PS Can you post pics of the humming birds when they arrive, my children would love to see them?!

  18. rose - I really enjoyed seeing a glimpse "beyond" the garden. I'm convinced that's where the best stories often are! :)

  19. Pretty funny stuff here, Rose. I am the original 5 second shopper. I assess the size on the tag and then I am pretty well done! I then pay for it, which takes far too much time as well. ;-)

    Thus I keep all that to a minimum. It can save time for all sorts of meaningful things I will now avoid talking about.

    But, Karma reversed direction and gave me a daughter. And a nice-looking one who is actually concerned with her looks and the fit of clothing. I hate when that happens!

    Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms.

  20. Rose, I can so relate to much of what you wrote in this post. I've never liked shopping for clothes, or much else for that matter. I do love shopping for plants. I lust after plants for full sun, but I have shade and part sun at best. I do love the shade garden though, and am learning to buy plants that 'fit' my garden. It's easier than buying jeans that fit, that's for sure!

  21. It's nice to know that so many others have trouble clothes shopping. My husband doesn't understand. He walks into a men's department, picks up 6 shirts on sale for $8.00 each, never tries one on, and is good to go. Not fair.

  22. Did you write this last thursday? I'm sure I've visited since then. oh, well, perhaps not. Great post. All those high-waisted tops look very comfortable and trendy but I don't even bother trying them on as I know I WILL look pregnant! You sound like me shopping. Urgh, don't you hate those all-round mirrors?

    But your daughter's graduation - how was it? What did you wear? Did you cry? Tell all.

    Oh yes, and loved the tiller antics too. Husbands and machines - I love and hate them both!

    And the dieting - yes, i pick up all these remedies that make great promises - have you seen the ad that's always appearing on websites - lose 9 lb every 2 weeks? THere's something similar in our local Chinese herbalist too. It is so tempting! But I never quite hand over the money ... yet.

  23. Rose, I am laughing out loud. What a great post - true and funny. Shopping for clothes is something I do out of necessity - not fun anymore! I'd rather spend money on new bird feeders or a flat of annuals right now but I need new shorts! LOL!

    I don't know how people post every day and read others' blogs either. There's too much to do this time of year.


  24. I know what you mean about being so busy in the garden. I've not had much time online. Finally I make it here & you make me almost snort my coffee with your fake ID to get a Senior Citizen's discount! I've considered lying about my age, claiming to be older than I am so that everyone will say how good I look. ;^) And just be glad that you don't have to shop in the Petite department - it stinks! Even shoe shopping is no fun anymore since pregnancy ruined my feet. I guess that's why I spend more on plants than on clothes.


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