Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, Autumn!

You don't need a calendar to know that fall has begun.  All you need to do is look around . . .

Some of the leaves on the ash tree are beginning their transformation to purple hues.

The flowering crabapples have dropped many of their leaves already,
and tiny red fruits are ripe for the picking by the birds.

The yews have already started decorating for Halloween!

Tired-looking annuals--ok, let's be honest: DEAD annuals--in a few of the containers have been replaced with cool-weather combos.  Buying annuals may seem like a waste of money when the first frost may occur any day, but the ruffled kale and pansies will last quite awhile.  The new rudbeckia 'Prairie Sun' was just too pretty to pass up, and it is hoped it will re-seed if transplanted into the garden in time.

Another small pot on the back porch has been re-planted with my favorite fall colors--
Orange and (almost) Blue. 

Saturday afternoons are spent with thousands of friends with a similar color preference:)

Although the cooler weather makes gardening much more pleasant, I can't seem to find the time to get much done outside these days, especially the lower-priority chore of deadheading.  The garden is filled with many blooms past their prime, but the bumbles and friends don't seem to mind.

Shades of gold have replaced the sea of green that stretches for miles. If you stop to listen, you can hear the cornstalks rustling in the breeze. Harvest season has begun. 

After a hot and dry summer, I am savoring all the joys of Autumn.


  1. I see nothing frivolous in buying annuals for fall. We've a good 8 weeks left of decent weather and frost proof annuals are just the thing for refreshing the containers. And I approve of your mum-less choices. ;^) Happy autumn!

  2. I have a pansy pot just like that!!

    Love your autumn photos. I am definitely in the market for some Rudbeckia, so bright and happy at this time of year.

    Autumn here has been a bit wet, so I'm struggling to appreciate it right now!

  3. I think this time of year is the ideal time to do something frivolous, like buy annuals to brighten up pots for a few weeks. You have some glorious colours in your garden, and those cobwebs are extraordinary! I also rather love the tattered flower. I'm terrible at dead heading, I am lucky if I manage to do the dahlias once a week...

  4. It's a simply purrrfect time of the year. You've shown it fabulously.

  5. Lots of signs of fall in your garden Rose. I might have to go look around mine (once it stops raining) for some signs. :)

  6. All those cobwebs make me shudder!
    Love the way the bee is still looking for pollen and not caring that the flower is half eaten.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. This is a lovely time of year even though it's a little sad to be ending the gardening season. I think refreshing the containers is a great idea!

  8. Hmm, I think your garden looks lovely with the fall foliage. And I LOVE the ruffled kale and pansies! They look gorgeous.

  9. Yes, gorgeous selections for your pots! Our football games like different colors, though. Ours prefer green, gold, and red. ;)

  10. MMD, I'm afraid I do have some mums, too; I just can't resist buying some in different colors every fall.

    Suburbia, Not the best photo, but I had to get in the orange and blue. Wish we would get some of your rain!

    Janet, I don't spend nearly as much on annuals in the fall as in spring, so I don't feel too guilty. Deadheading has been sorely neglected here.

    Tina, Thanks; most of all, I'm glad to be done with 90 degree days.

    Racquel, I'd love some of that rain! We've just had some drizzle.

    Sissy, --I-N-I!! Yesterday was a nail-biter, wasn't it?

    Maggie, I kind of like spiders, but those webs would make my son and granddaughter shudder, too.

    Rose, Yes, it is sad to see the garden season ending, though I do love fall.

    Christine, Thanks; I've really come to like ruffled kale. And it lasts so long.

    Plantpostings, There are a few green and gold fans here, too, but nobody wears red! Especially since IU likes that color, too:)

  11. I think because of our lack of rain, many trees have shed their leaves already....or have gone brown. I do look forward to more of the fall colors.
    Love the Yew with its decorations!

  12. Fall looks good.
    I stop dead heading with Labor Day so things will self seed more.

  13. Yeah! I hear you...fall is a welcomed change after a long summer!!! You inspired me with your last post about your new Beautyberry...just purchased a small little fella excited about it!

  14. It's such a wonderful time of year and the latest blooming wildflowers are delightful. I buy annuals every fall and cover them from early frost. We can have more good weather after that and the bees always thank me. gail

  15. I do love Fall. So far I have been enjoying some of the cooler temps and of course, college ball!

  16. Great spooky shot of the Yew. I agree, very Halloween! :)

    It's a relief to get some cooler temps after this summer isn't it?!

  17. Rose, it is great fun to find annuals that can perk up the garden. We will soon be wishing we could do so. I hope you had fun at the football game.

  18. I still plant annuals late in the season too. I just love the brightness they add to a fall garden.

    Love those cornstalks and hope you were able to enjoy eating fresh corn this season. I did. Yum!

  19. I feel similarly. It was a hot dry summer and I am glad to have cooler days. The picture of the spider web is quite something. That was one busy spider!

  20. beautiful photos. I think we should be able to buy annuals, or any plant, at any season, without guilt.

  21. We had a bit of a taste of Autumn a few weeks ago but now back to summer. But not for long as this weekend, we should be back to Autumn like temps and hopefully, the cooler air. I hate the humidity and it is still hanging around. I must admit that I am not looking forward to winter though. Not my favorite time of year. The dogwoods are turning red here and things are dying out in the gardens. Not sure if from the Hot Steamy Drought of summer or shock from 4 inches of rain within 3 days! LOL....

  22. Hi Rose

    I love the colours of autumn...also the sounds.
    Corn for miles....I can see it clearly after my visit last year.
    How swiftly these seasons seem to pass.

    So pleased to hear your news.
    Many congratulations to you and yours. Enjoy the little one :)

  23. Hi Rose, you still have living ash trees? Yayyy! I love the yews' Halloween outfit. :) About the sport game scene... right color, wrong version of football. HA! :)


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