Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ABC Wednesday: I'm Dreaming

Today I am dreaming . . .

Of sunny, blue skies . . .

. . . Not of snowdrifts with mysterious tracks . . .

. . . Not even of moonlit desert evenings . . .

. . . But dreaming of a new day, the dawn of a new gardening season.

Of springtime with the daffodils dancing in the breeze . . .

Of daylilies set against green, green grass and trees . . .

Of cheery daisies smiling at the sun . . .

Of digitalis sprinkled with fairy dust . . .

Of surprise daylilies bursting into hues of burnt orange . . .

Or fuschia . . .

Or lavender.

I could dream, too, of delphiniums, dahlias, or dianthus (if I had the photos!),
but instead I'm dreaming of lazy summer days . . .

. . . when the dragonflies flit about my garden.

It has been easy to dream of spring and summer the last few days as warm temperatures--peaking in the 60's yesterday-- have melted all the snow. The garden has been far too muddy to work in, however, and cooler temperatures are coming once again with the possibility of snow later in the week. But I know that in a few short weeks all these dreams will become a reality.

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  1. Interesting way of doing the prompt :) God Bless !! :)

  2. Aaaahhh yes, it is wonderful to dream about these beautiful things. This warmer weather did get the ole gardening juices stirred up.

  3. Delightful! We share the same dream ;)

    Have a nice day :)

  4. Oh Rose aren't we all doing just that!

    You commented about your bulbs over at my place. If they're still relatively firm, then you can get away with putting them in pots of compost rather than waiting for the ground to get in a suitable condition. That way you can also spot any gaps to fill come spring and just plonk them right in there once they've stopped flowering.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Lots of good "D"s....and I love the prints in the snow!!! had to show a few of the dogs today....since I forgot that Clancy and the "cavalier" could've been my "C"!!!

  6. I am dreaming too-thanks to your wonderful show of blue skies to come.

  7. I love all the D's! It has been easy to dream of thse things the last few days with the gorgeous weather. A little taste of what will surely come soon now. I think someone from above felt sorry for all us winter wearys and decided to give us a break. Thanks to him :} and thanks to you for such glorious blooms.

  8. Nave, Thank you. I enjoyed your poem as well.

    Lisa, If the ground hadn't been so muddy, I probably would have been digging in the garden. But we know winter is not over yet.

    Lene, Thank you; your winters in Norway must be even longer!

    VP, Thank you for this tip--I'll have to find those leftover bulbs right away.

    Babooshka, We have had some welcome blue skies the last few days--now the rains are here:(

    Neva, I'm glad Clancy and Sparty get the attention they deserve:)

    Tina, February is the hardest month for me; I know this weekend was just a tease.

    Beckie, This has been my mood for the last few days--ready for spring! But I know winter still has some punch left, and I'm certainly not ready for spring tornado season.

  9. Hi Rose.....I am dreaming with you, your lovely flowers had me in spring/summer mode....I actually felt quite warm reading that post.....

    And the lovely I long for the insects to return to my space....

    I am glad the sunshine has arrived.....we are expecting the blue skies tomorrow but cold......

    Lovely post.....

  10. I was loving your dreams Rose all through the post. I could feel the warmth of spring/summer oozing out of your photos.

  11. Soon your dreams will become reality! I am guessing some type of goose or other large water fowl for the strange foot prints in the snow...

  12. Your dreaming took us to beautiful skies and the most lovely flowers.

  13. Rose, I'm dreaming the same thing. This winter is soooo long. It's like the ones I remember as a child with snow on the ground most of the time and bitter temperatures.

  14. Rose,

    What a day for a day dreams... Your post put me in mind of A Lovin Spoonful song! Love all the D's and your photos are splendid! I am longing for spring~~~and some more greens, and blues and all the colors and flowers you've shown us! The weather is such a tease!


  15. Rose, I love the whimsical quality of this post. You have captured D for dreaming. Gorgeous photos - I especially like the cloudy blue sky. Everyone seems to have the winter blues lately.

  16. It's nice to see the flowers on this snowy winter day.

  17. Such a delightful post! Spring is on the way.

  18. A lovely dream. The world is spinning to sun and springtime - not long to go now.

  19. Beautifully inspiring D prompt. I, too, am dreaming of warm - still have about 4 feet of snow and it hasn't warmed to the freezing degree today. I'll come back to dream again. Thanks!

  20. A Delightful Dream inDeed Rose! ;)

  21. Cheryl, the warm temps the last few days have made me antsy for spring and thinking whether it's too early to start some seeds (it is here). Today it's pouring down rain--it must be traveling west:)

    Susie, Glad the photos warmed you up! The only blue skies here today are in these photos:)

    Skeeter, Hmmm, I've never seen a goose come that close to the house; I thought it might be a visiting dog or even a deer. Whatever it was, it was pretty brave.

    Reader Wil, Thanks for coming back after dinner!

    Marnie, I thought it was just me, but this has been a long winter, and it's not over yet.

    Gail, Now if I would have been a little more creative, I would have come up with that song! Would you believe I once went to a Lovin' Spoonful concert?:)

  22. Sarah, Perhaps if I were a skier or enjoyed some other winter sports, I wouldn't mind winter lasting so long. But the only winter sports I enjoy are ones I can watch on TV or in a warm arena:)

  23. Tabby, It's snowing in Colorado? It's been quite warm here, but that is soon to change. Thanks for visiting!

    Dragonstar, Thank you; I know spring will be here eventually, and then I'll soon be complaining about how hot it is!

    Joy, I must remember to enjoy each day and not wish time away! Thanks for the reminder.

    Tumblewords, I see you're from Idaho...I'll stop complaining about the winter here now:)

    Thanks, Racquel!

  24. Hi Rose, oh yes to all of your lovely Ds! Dreaming of daffodils and daylilies can make the winter seems a little less daunting. Soon it will be the real thing.

  25. Oh, yes! I'm having the same dream! And your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  26. All that certainly seems a long way off right now .. but the bulbs are poking through the melting snow! They do seem late this year though.

  27. Delightful dreams Rose shared by so many garden lovers. I really enjoyed your post. Here the temperature has not got into the 60s yet this year, but may get there by April :)

  28. Your dream'll come true soon, Rose! Have a wonderful day and save your energy for the oncoming spring that'll demand physical work from you.

  29. Frances, Last night I actually dreamed of lilacs and magnolias in bloom and running for my camera:)

    Sylvia, Thank you and thanks for visiting!

    Jay, The bulbs won't be popping through here for another month at least, but I'll be looking for them everyday.

    Anna, The past few days have been a February thaw, but winter certainly isn't over.

    Chandramouli, I need to start exercising more to be in shape for gardening season:)

  30. A special note to Joy: I can't leave a comment on your blog for some reason; I'll come back to visit and try again, though.

  31. Hi Rose, I was out poking around in the garden this morning just because I could now that the snow has finally melted! Being out there exploring definitely left me dreaming of spring! It won't be long!

  32. Wow, temperatures change swiftly there don't they? We will have at least another 8 weeks of cold to come, though the daylight hours are lengthening, which is always welcome :)

  33. I enjoyed reading your lovely post. I grow a lot of those, too.

  34. Hi, Linda Lunda, and thanks for stopping by.

    Linda, I've done a little poking around outside, too. This weather makes me wonder if the bulbs think it's spring already.

    Suburbia, True spring here is at least a month, maybe two away. But, yes, we have extremes in weather--we've had really warm days in December and January in past years.

    Sue, I realized I don't have a lot of flowers starting with D:)

  35. You have some lovely daylilies, or at least, I assume they are yours. The deep pink and lavender are beautiful.

    We have sun, today and I had the urge to work in the garden and tidy up a bit. It's still far too cold and muddy, though, so I'll wait a bit longer.

  36. spots on the snow always make me longing for adventure and travel...

  37. Hi Rose, wonderful dreams! I'm glad you had a bit of a reprieve with weather in the 60's. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  38. Delightful dreams, dear Rose. Love your dazzling daffs & daylilies, which definitely define spring & summer. Happy Valentine's Day!

  39. Just delightful, Rose, especially the dragonfly with the diaphanous wings. Thanks for "following," by the way!

  40. I am dreaming right along with you!! Those bright yellow daffodils just made my day! Thanks for the cheerful pics.

  41. Mean Mom, Yes, all the daylilies are mine. I like the pink and lavendar best, too; I'm hoping to add more this year. It's been far too wet here, too, to do anything outside.

    Ewa, This winter has made me want to travel some place warm:)

    Jan, This week was such a welcome reprieve! I know that spring will be here soon.

    Joey, And I like all your alliteration!

    W2W, Diaphanous--the perfect D word to describe him!

    Wendy, This week has lifted my spirits with warmer weather.

  42. What a lovely collection and so much to look forward to.

  43. Love this post, especially the dragonfly. All the photos are so fun and vibrant! We were supposed to get snow overnight, but it's rain instead which means it's dreary and bleh indeed.


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