Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ABC Wednesday: E is for . . .

Today's Wednesday show is brought to you by the letter E.

(Sorry about that--I've watched a little too much Sesame Street this week.)

E is for Exhausted!

Tarzan is not the exhausted one--he at least gets to take frequent cat naps during the day. No, I am the one who is exhausted. Two of my grandchildren are staying with us for the week while their parents are taking a much-needed vacation. Granddaughter is 5 1/2, very precocious, and full of energy. Grandson is 20 months and, though much quieter, needs a watchful eye at all times. I've been enjoying having them here for an extended stay, but I just wish I had gotten in better shape and taken more vitamins before they came! Time to myself is very limited, so I hope you'll understand if I have not been visiting your blogs as often as I usually do. I'm trying to remember how in the world I ever raised four children while teaching full-time. There's a reason you should have children while you're young:)

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Have a good week!


  1. I'm having a quiet chuckle to myself as my two granddaughters have been sleeping over and have just wakened up. Aged 4 and 6. A bit easier than the 20 monthold that needs careful watching.
    How did we do it full time years ago? Well we were young & had more energy!
    Good for you having them for the full week. Brilliant job you are doing!

    Lovely picture of your relaxed cat.

  2. You may be exhausted, but I know you are reallly enjoying the kids. How fun to get to spend that time with them. Soon enough you will get to rest.

    Call if you want a nap-I'd love to see them!

  3. So sorry to hear how exhausted you are! They are a handful at those ages, mine are almost self regulating age!!! Take care of yourself, and take some advice from your beautiful cat (if you get time!!)

    S x

  4. You poor baby. You will be napping with Tarzan as soon as the Grands go home. It is amazing how much energy goes into having the Grands around, especailly the little one.

  5. I was hoping that you had the answer for why your Amarillys isn`t flowering...
    As mine isn`t either!
    First time over your lovely blog!
    Debbie Moss

  6. Any picture of a ginger cat gets my vote! Especially sleeping. Beautiful picture...

  7. Yes, kids are great fun and very Energetic. I think they survive by taking the Energy out of others, LOL. Do Tarzan and Toby get along? Have an Excellent Wednesday.

  8. My thoughts exactly after a long weekend with 18 mo. old grandaughter and brand new grandson. Four adults were completely worn out by those two, despite their being "easy" children!

  9. Oh boy! I bet you are very exhausted but having lots of fun. So nice your grandkids are close and can come visit you.

  10. Rose, You and Beckie have all the fun! Grandchildren to play with and leave you exhausted. It has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. I look forward to knowing what it feels like. Have a wonderful week.


  11. Maggie May, I'm sure you do understand:) I know I had much more energy when I was younger. Thanks for commiserating!

    Beckie, We have been very busy this week, coloring, making crafts, reading, and so on--amazingly there aren't enough hours in the day to do what all I thought we'd be doing.

    Suburbia, I try to catch a nap in the afternoon--granddaughter is at kindergarten during the day. I'll catch up on my sleep this weekend:)

    Tyra, Thanks!

    Lisa, Yes, at least I can catch up on sleep this weekend. I shouldn't complain--at least they both sleep well at night. I've been in bed before 10 every night:)

    Debbies, Thanks for visiting. I'm not sure if I should have chilled the amaryllis bulb before planting, but the consensus is that this one may not flower this year, but may next. So I'll save it and try again next year. Good luck with yours!

    Mara, Thanks for stopping by. I want to come back as a pampered cat in my next life:)

    Monica, Now there's a theory I hadn't thought of before:) Tarzan is supposed to be an outdoor cat, but he's been inside so much this winter because of the cold that he sneaks in whenever possible and finds a cozy spot to nap, knowing I won't put him out then. Toby is still king of the house and tolerates Tarzan, but that's about it.

    Joyce, 18 months and a baby?--Now that takes some energy! Yes, it's taken the three of us some nights to keep up with both of them:)

    Tina, I am lucky that my grandchildren live so close and that I get to see them often. Granddaughter told me the first day here she wanted to stay 10 days, not 5!

  12. Gail, Yes, it is wonderful, despite being a little tired. My husband and I chuckle at the end of every night about things the kids have done. Your day will come, too!

  13. Hi Rose,
    LOLOL Sorry Rose, I'm not laughing at you. Well, yes maybe I am. I always liked when the grandkids came to visit, but I also liked when their parents came to pick them up:)
    Nowadays, I'm looking a lot more like Tarzan:)

  14. Though a wonderful gift, I hear you, Rose! Though Elated to have grandchildren near, Energy levels do seem to wane a bit by the end of a Effervescent day! But is there anything better than snuggling after their baths, reading bedtime stories?

  15. Lovely to have the grandchildren staying, but once in a while it becomes too much . I am always glad when theit mum comes. It gets easier now the children are a bit older. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the visit.

  16. If we could just sink into total relaxation like a cat. Hang in there, when the kids go back home your house will seem very quiet and you can nap with Tarzan until you're rested.

  17. We had a ginger tom, once, too. He was very chilled out. Cats are just brilliant at sleeping away the winter. They have the right idea. I could easily have slept through January.

    You are very brave to have your grandchildren to stay! It sounds like hard work, but fun!

  18. A perfect picture and description for the letter "E". :) E-njoy your grandkids!

  19. I thought the saying was, Children keep you young! If only we could find a way to bottle up their energy. I could certainly use some at times. Great pic of napping Tarzan! So soothing to see a kitty snoozing...

  20. Amen to that. There is definitely a reason for having children young. I love my grandkids and now they are older but stepping out of my usual routine can be exhausting.

  21. Even tho you may be tired Rose I know you are having such a great time with those babies. I like to call it "making memories" for them. Take care of yourself and get some rest when you can.

  22. I know just what you mean! I look after my 8 month old granddaughter for the day and end up exhausted. What will I be like when she's older? How did I ever bring up five of my own?

  23. Frances, what a fabulous shot of cedar waxwings. I saw one here which surprised me at this time of year. The cardinal against the berries is so perfect; he doesn’t look real. Lovely GBBD post too. So much color! We are expecting more white.

  24. Oh my goodness,Rose, of course you are exhausted! A 20 month old is a handful anytime for any age, and the young girl I am sure was a big helper, but still needing an high energy adult to play with. I don't know about you, but I am not high energy even on a good day! HA

  25. I don't have any grandchildren, but I'm hearing the same thing from friends who do! They loooove to see their grandkids, but they are exhausted afterwards and glad to send them home!

    But that's the great thing about being grandparents, isn't it? You get to enjoy the energetic ones in small doses. ;)

  26. They do seem to require more energy now than they did when we were snippets of youth. Good post. They'll remember this forever...

  27. Oh, I just love a pretty kitty cat! So lovely! I hope he had a nice long nap!

  28. Tarzan is gorgeous, I'm sure Mewsic would love him. Have a nice week with the grands.

    Alice at I Was Born2Cree8

    ABC Wednesday

  29. Oh you got that right! There's a reason why we have our children when we are young! I remember babysitting my grandkids 2 days a week while their mother was at work. At the end of the day I was thoroughly exhausted!!
    How did we ever do this way back then?? Ah ha - we were young!

    Enjoy your grandkids - they're really at cute ages.

  30. Rose I know exactly how you feel!!
    I babysat my wee 6 mos. old grandson yesterday and needed a nap after he left!! How did we do it...ahh yes we were younger...I guess that's why we now have care involved..feed
    and water..just like plants!

  31. No matter how much you love them Rose grandchildren are exhausting.....I know when Riley and Poppi have stayed I have slept for England when they go home.....
    I sometimes think the same as on earth did I raise the children, work with Mr P, keep house, garden etc etc.....but we do.....
    The trouble is Rose we are a lot older now!!!!

    I hope you survive your week and are not too exhausted at the end of it.....

  32. And thank you, for visiting me also!
    Debbie Moss


    P.S - I have an award for you on my blog!

  33. Thanks to everyone for your comments; I'm glad to know I'm not alone in feeling exhausted after watching the grandchildren. Instead of replying to each of you individually, I hope you don't mind if I just visit your blogs as I get the time.

    The grandkids have just left, and I am going to bed early tonight:) We did have a wonderful time, though, and the house now seems so empty...

  34. Hi Rose - I have a touch of the Sesame Streets with my ABCs from time to time :)

    Whilst you say you're exhausted, I bet you've enjoyed having your grandchildren to stay.

    Now get some rest!

    Have a great weekend :)

  35. The answer to that is another E word...Energy! ;)

  36. Hi Rose - Now you know why I haven't been blogging so much lately :)
    That's great you are able to have so much time with your grandkids. I'm sure that they treasure the time as well. Our cat is always exhausted because he is constantly having to escape Lillian's grasp!

  37. Dear Rose,
    I am so tickled by your post!
    Verbs are very difficult to take pictures of...
    Wonderful you are able to have the little ones.
    Thirty IS an easier time for little ones than 60!
    Rest when you can.
    We will see you soon.

  38. Just looking at that tired tabby is making me think that I need to join the cats and sleep for a whle...preferably til spring.

  39. I don't have grandchildren yet, but I know when they get here, they will wear me out too. LOL. I love Tarzan!

  40. Do they still air Sesame Street? Oh, I can't tell you how many times I saw that show from 1983 - 1987! I knew all the songs and dialogues and characters.

    Yes, there is good reason to have children when you're young! LOL!

    Tarzan has a good idea.


  41. Sounds like your hands are full with bundles of joy! And exhaustion!

    Enjoy the time together creating memories :)


  42. Oh my goodness, what a cute cat!


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