Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awards and Celebrations

I do believe that spring has arrived!  We have been experiencing a mini-heat wave this week, and I've finally gotten some time to work in the garden, although today was the first day that the March winds haven't been at full force.  These warm, sunny days are a reminder that I'd better get a move on and finish all those leftover winter projects soon before garden season gets into full swing.

Sophie's windswept look

I have managed to clean up two flowerbeds, and get a good start on a few of the others. Daffodils are budding and other bulbs are emerging, and I thought it would be nice if when they bloom, they would actually be visible to everyone instead of hiding behind coneflower stems and seedheads.

It's hard to appreciate these little crocuses when the view is obstructed.

Ahhh, much better. Now it just has to contend with tulip foliage:)

 I think the bulbs appreciated, too, not having to fight their way through a thick layer of oak and sycamore leaves as well--just where is that sycamore tree whose leaves always land in my garden anyway??  I also started my first indoor seeds today: they're resting comfortably on a heat mat, and once they sprout, others will be started and get a little babying before being put under the grow lights.  As tempting as it is to start seeds earlier, I've learned the hard way that mid-late March is soon enough.

First Hellebore blooms--more were hiding under the leaves.
Another project to complete today is this post.  Some time ago, Beth at Plant Postings awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award, and I feel badly that it has taken me this long to properly thank her and acknowledge this award. The rules of the award ask you to post the award and to include a link back to the blogger who gave it to you.  I've gotten to know Beth only in the past year, and I enjoy her beautiful photography and her polished prose; not only that, she's a fellow Midwesterner--thanks so much, Beth, for thinking of me.

The third rule of the award to list seven random things about yourself.  I feel as though I've shared much about myself in the past few years, but in case you're a new reader, here are a few personal details about myself:

1. I often refer to my husband as Mr. P, which stands for Mr. Procrastinator.  However, in all fairness, I have to call myself Mrs. Procrastinator.  That is why it has taken me over a month and a half to write this post and respond to this award:)

2. I'm an incurable clock-watcher and "to-do" list maker.  I thought I'd cured myself when I retired, but I still find myself being ruled by the clock far too often.  As an example, if I have an appointment or meeting in two hours, I'll think "there's not enough time to vacuum and do laundry; I might as well as sit and read blogs for awhile":) 

3. I'm addicted to shows like "American Idol," "The Voice," and "The X-Factor," which means I waste far too much time in front of the tube in the evening.  But I can't stand most reality television shows--no "Real Housewives of Wherever" watching here.  Now if they produced a show like "Real Gardeners" of Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, anywhere at all...now that would intrigue me.

4. I'm not an early riser--I enjoy watching a pretty sunrise, but not if it comes before 7 AM.

5.  I grew up on a farm; my dad was the third generation to raise corn and soybeans on the land first cultivated by my great-great and great-grandfathers.  My mother tended a small flower garden and a huge vegetable garden every year.  In other words, I grew up in an environment that was all about growing things.  I have no idea why it took nearly 50 years for the gardening gene to kick in for me.

6. I'm becoming overwhelmed with keeping up with social media sites. I enjoy blogging and wish I could spend more time here; I like to get on Facebook occasionally to keep up with family and friends; and I recently joined Pinterest after my daughter introduced me to it.  But I don't own a Smart Phone or a laptop, and I can't justify sitting here at my desktop computer for hours and hours just to keep up with them all.  As I see people everywhere (sometimes in my own home!) with their eyes glued to a tiny screen, I have this eerie feeling of being in a Ray Bradbury story where no one looks each other in the eye anymore to communicate.  Ah well, that's a rant for another day...

7. Finally, I'm a proud mother of four grown children and grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren.  That's not a new revelation to anyone who has read this blog for awhile, but of all the roles I've played, this is always the most important one in my life.

The fourth and final rule of this award to pass it on to several other people.  But, as much as I am usually a rule-follower, I just can't do this.  I know that some people prefer not to accept such awards, and I respect their wishes.  As for the rest, I simply can't choose a few of the many blogs I read over others--you all are worthy of an award in my book! 

Bloggers are so good about sharing, too.
On a related note, I realized while writing this that this past Saturday, March 10, was the fourth anniversary of my very first blog entry.  Who would have thought four years ago that I would still be writing here . . . and that some people would actually read it:)  I've learned so much about gardening from fellow garden bloggers, and I've enjoyed the personal stories and anecdotes of other bloggers.   I want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences and often encouraging me; your friendship has meant so much to me.  And I'm looking forward to meeting some of you in May in Asheville at the Garden Bloggers' Fling!


  1. Seeds indoors are always hard for me, I forget to water, I have no GOOD place to put them, I don't start them.
    Loved reading your list of 'things about you'. Can't wait to put a face with the blog when we meet in Asheville.

  2. Such a nice post. Sophie is so beautiful. Good job on starting your seeds. This is something I really must get to but keep procrastinating:)

  3. Rose,
    Nothing about the CUBS!?
    I will have to look for you on Pinterest! So facinating!

  4. Hi Rose,

    What a beautiful image of dear Sophie. She looks so healthy and happy.....

    I am away in April, so am not sure what to do about seed sowing.
    I do not have anyone to look after them while I am away.

    Four years, surely not. That means I must be heading towards my fifth year of blogging. I do not keep count, oh dear.

  5. Sophie looks so beautiful standing there in her wind-swept look. The wind has been ferocious this spring. Congrats on your 4th blogaversary. It doesn't seem possible. Can't wait to hear about your Indy trip.

  6. Rose, I know what you mean about social networking. DH used to complain about how backward we were --we didn't have a computer until 2002 -- and now he has an iphone for work (pagers having become obsolete and with limited range) and he gave me a Kindle Fire for Xmas. So now in the evenings both of us will be intently reading on our mobile devices. I asked him if he's happy now that we're like everybody else. LOL

  7. It's always fun to read some personal trivia and I enjoyed yours. Six grandchildren?? I guess I didn't know that. Your life and gardens are rich.

  8. I particularly love that bird feeder photo & the one of the crocuses peeking through that wood. You & I have been blogging for four years! It has gone quite fast.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Hey rose,
    What a beautiful captured springflowers in you garden. Congratiolations with your 4th blog anniversary.
    gr. Marijke

  10. I love that picture of Sophie in the wind; our Scout looks quite like her now. Our crocuses aren’t up yet so thanks for sharing yours. We still have patches of snow and ice. I’m with you on the value of offline time. Happy 4th Anniversary!

  11. I'm looking for that sycamore tree too Rose :) Congratulations on the fourth anniversary of your blog - long may it flourish.
    P.S. Sophie looks like a leading lady in an epic film.

  12. Gosh, my anniversary too soon then!

    Lovely to get to know more about you, never realised why Mr P was Mr.P!

    Your garden flowers look lovely,I am really pleased with my spring bulbs too at the moment. It's been warm here too for March which is lovely but the bulbs don't last so long.

    Love Sophie's wind swept look too :-)

    S x

  13. You do have to hunt around for some of the pretties of spring early on, but it's well worth it, as your pix show. Looking forward to Asheville too - it will be great to visit for the first time with a lot of gardeners!

  14. Congratulations on your blogaversary, Rose! Love those crocuses and hellebores!

    I added some crocuses to the garden last year. No blooms so far, and it looks like something has been eating them.

  15. Hi Rose, Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! I always enjoy the pictures, writing, and that great sense of humour. I am a procrastinator too. We get up at 5:30, but not by choice!
    It is finally starting to look and feel like spring here. I have a few crocus in flower and I noticed snowdrops in the neighbour's garden.

  16. OK, now it's my turn to apologize. I was so busy preparing my GBBD post that it took me too long to comment on this beautiful post! You are definitely deserving of the Versatile Blogger Award, Rose! And after reading your list, it's amazing how much we have in common. I used to watch Idol, but now I prefer The Voice because the talent is so much better right from the start. And I agree about enjoying sunny mornings--if I don't have to get up too early. Congrats on your blogoversary! Cheers!

  17. Janet, My success rate with indoor seeds is so-so, but I keep trying:) Looking forward to meeting you in May, too!

    Tina, Normally, March is much colder, and I'm anxious to play in the dirt, so I start some seeds. This year I'm spending more time outside in the dirt than inside!

    Sissy, I would have mentioned the Cubs, but after the end of the Illini basketball season and losing Coach Weber, I'm really bummed about sports. I must be a jinx for every team I root for:(

    Cheryl, I didn't do much seed starting last year because we were gone for awhile, too. Indoor seeds do require so much daily attention. I think Sophie is beautiful, too; thank you:)

    Lisa, The day I took the photo of Sophie the wind was ferocious; poor Coconut looked even more wind-blown! Enjoyed the trip to Indy; I'll get a post up next week, I hope. Wish you could have joined us!

    Sweetbay, I was hoping I didn't offend anyone with my comments. I spend way too much time on the computer, and I'm wanting an IPad now, which means I'll probably be on the net even more. But I don't know how some people can keep up with it all!

    Laurrie, I guess I haven't posted anything about the grandkids in awhile--usually, I'm ready to brag about them any time:)

  18. Maggie, I've been enjoying taking photos of all the birds with my new camera--can finally get close-ups! Yes, it's hard to believe it's been four years; I still remember Suburbia introducing me to you back then--so glad she did!

    Marijke, Thank you; spring is my favorite time of year, so I'm thoroughly enjoying these spring bloomers.

    Sarah, I bet Scout has really grown by now! I'm so sorry to hear you still have snow and ice...we had so little this year; it was a strange winter, for sure.

    Anna, Thanks for the idea--I could have titled Sophie "Gone With the Wind," except she was sticking close to the garden on this day:)

    Suburbia, Hard to believe it's been four years! Thanks for being such a faithful reader all this time; friendships like yours are what has made blogging so enjoyable for me.

    Cyndy, Looking forward to meeting you in Asheville, too!

    Linda, The crocuses are finally doing well here; the first year I think all mine were eaten, too.

    Jennifer, Thanks for all those sweet comments. I haven't seen a single snowdrop in my garden this year--maybe they're still waiting for snow:)

    Beth, Thank you again for the award, and no need to apologize. I just posted my Bloom Day post, but now I don't even have time to read others' right now because I need to get outside while the sun is shining! I agree about "The Voice"--"Idol" doesn't have me quite so enthralled this year.

  19. Somehow I missed this post, Rose, and I wanted to say congratulations on the award --I only read a few garden blogs, but yours if by far the best one I've ever come across. Your photos are stunning, and your prose is just as good. You are so good at taking us along as you garden.

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  22. Well done on your blogiversary!

    What a gorgeous dog she is!

    I've joined pinterest but haven't really got into it yet.


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