Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frazzled, Frantic, and Frenzied

If last week was crazy, then this week has been pure chaos.  After two weeks of spending every moment possible trying to get the garden in order, it was time to get my house in order.  Husband, aka Mr. Procrastinator, finally got around to some of the chores on the to-do list I had made up nearly 10 months ago, and once he started, I didn't think he was going to stop.  Weeds were trimmed around every outbuilding on the farm, and broken or dead limbs cut from every tree until we had a brush pile big enough for a Homecoming bonfire. 

The front yard, where a wedding reception/party for Daughter and new Son-in-law will be held, is looking good.  But if Hubby is Mr. P, then I am definitely his soulmate, Mrs. Procrastinator. 

After months of indecision, I finally decided on new carpeting for the living room and family room, and new tile for the kitchen.  When would it be put in? Why, this week, of course!  Why not add to the chaos by moving all the furniture out for three days and trying to remember where I moved the phone or the coffeepot?  Working around the flooring installers and coordinating deliveries and last-minute details, my mind is going in thirty different directions, unable to focus on one task for very long.

I walk around the garden each day, pulling the overlooked weed, wondering what will be in bloom by Saturday.  Probably no one will venture as far as the lily bed, so they will miss seeing the new Byzantine glads at the back of this border.

The purple iris' blooms will probably have faded by Saturday.

Plans to move all the furniture back in place Tuesday night were stalled when I was told the grout had to sit for another twenty-four hours, and the carpeting--promised as a one-day job--wasn't finished.  Breathe in the perfume of the nearly blue new iris, Rose . . . it will all get done eventually.

Wednesday morning the tent was put up, and I started to worry about rain . . . or even worse, strong storms like last week.  But the weather forecast is for 0% chance of precipitation . . . let's hope they're right for once. 

 With the tent in the middle of the yard, probably very few, if any, will even venture up to look closely at the garden.  But it's hard to miss the red Knockouts blooming away in the front bed, where 'May Night' salvia and 'Walker's Low' nepeta vie for attention.

All the containers have been filled to add some color in this in-between stage of blooms.  On the back steps, this container only got a quick infusion of yellow petunias, as the pansies just weren't ready to give up yet.  How they've survived this week of 90-degree heat is beyond me.

Lefover impatiens from another project went into the blue pot in the shade garden along with a caladium and coleus.

The new spirea in front of the house--name escapes me at the moment--is putting out its first blooms.

The shade garden has been top priority in the last two weeks, since it is the most visible from the party area. 

The good thing is that plants are so crowded together here there's little chance for weeds to grow.  Even the lamium that refuses to stay in its place is putting out a few blooms to add to the festivities.

If anyone wants to look closely, maybe they will notice a few late hellebore blooms instead of a stray weed. Even I didn't notice them hidden under the growing hydrangeas.

Or maybe their eyes will be drawn to the Heucheras, like this glowing 'Tiramisu.'

Or if a guest wants to look more closely, I'll point out my new namesake, the dainty little tiarella 'Rosalie.'

I'm frazzled and frenzied, bone tired at the end of each day.  But don't worry about me--I'm typically stressed out before any big event I plan.  By Saturday evening I will relax and enjoy greeting family and friends.  There will be time next week for relaxing, reading blogs, and catching up on some much-needed sleep.

There will be time then to stop and smell the roses.


  1. Did you know you have an English sister/sister-in-law called Mrs Procrastinator? It is my middle name ;)

    Well, there was me thinking it was all over, I mistakenly thought it was this last weekend and kept wondering how it was all going :)

    I'm sure it will all be wonderful, Rose and should any of the guests stray as far as the flowers I think they will be very impressed. It all looks beautifully colourful!

    Love that Pansy and Petunia mix and I hope those pretty Irises last until the weekend.

    Have a wonderful time Rose, don't work too hard and above all enjoy it!! I do hope the weather is kind to you :)

  2. I hope the weather cooperates and everything goes well. Your garden looks great!

  3. That's right, just breathe, you're going to make it. You & hubby sound like me & my husband. It's really bad for procrastinators to be married to each other.
    While you may think no one will notice the flowers, I'll bet the photographer does and takes at least one shot of the bride & groom in front of one of the beds. It's all looking wonderful.

  4. New carpet and tile in the kitchen THIS WEEK???? You are in a whirlwind before the festivities for sure!
    Your gardens look wonderful, I especially like the hosta collection.

  5. Hang in there! It all looks great and will be fun for the reception. Breathe, breathe....Have fun this weekend. The weather seems to be cooperating.

  6. How did you have time to put together a blog post?? I hope your guests do venture to see your garden because it look great!

  7. Your gardens are so gorgeous, I truly hope that the guests wander away from the tent. Good luck on relaxing for the party itself!

  8. I can imagine your stress level Rose. I know your gardens are ready. I can tell by the photos. Now that the house is back together I hope that you can start to see the end of the rainbo. Have a great time.

  9. Your garden is glorious! Sounds like everything will be order just in time for the wedding Rose. Try to catch your breath and sit back & smell the Roses. (no pun intended) lol ;)

  10. Rose, I hope you have time for a bit of relaxation before the guests arrive. The garden looks lovely, the containers are beautiful and it sounds like the house will be gorgeous. Have fun~take lots of photos so you can share a few with us. xxoogail

  11. From the pics, it looks like the garden is ready! And I'm sure you'll be ready, too, and have a great time!

  12. I agree--amazing that you found time to compose such a creative blog post! What an exciting time for you and your family. It looks like a lovely setting for the wedding reception!

  13. It will be beautiful and you will enjoy yourself thoroughly, with the prettiest garden for a backdrop. Best wishes!

  14. My dear Rose,

    Your gardens are a picture and will add so much to this special occasion. I understand the worries and anxieties but as I have said before 'it is strange how everything just falls into place'

    The most important thing is the coming together of family and friends. When it is all over you will sit back and smile, I am sure.

    Thinking of you.......and please do take time to smell the roses, when this time is over.


  15. Your garden is so lovely and your pot plants I love.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  16. You have had a very busy last few weeks! The garden looks ready for the party. I love your blue and white columbine.

  17. I know both the feeling of being overwhelmed and the art of procrastination, Rose. But things look fantastic at your place and all will be well, so just relax, breathe, and enjoy the blessings of your family and the celebration of joy. It'll be brilliant!

  18. You may be frazzled but your garden is very soothing. You've done a wonderful job and I'm sure your daughter and your new son in law will be delighted. Good luck with the big day.

  19. Your garden/home will be a lovely setting for a wedding. When is it? Nothing like a bunch of people coming over to give you a kick int he pants to do long-procrastinated things. I really, really should host a party! LOL.

  20. Everything looks beautiful Rose! Now that the pre-party frenzy is over, I hope you're enjoying this very special moment with your daughter, her new husband, and your guests.

  21. It's late Saturday evening here as I write and I think about you and your party. It will be wonderful I know and your garden perfect for any guests who are wise enough to wander around and view it.

  22. Hope it all went really well :-)
    Your garden looks superb

    Happy Birthday for yesterday too, hope you had time to relax!


  23. Thanks, everyone, for your comments and encouragement. Everything went well, other than a little rain later in the evening, but thankfully it didn't storm as I had feared.

    I think I'm finally rested up again and looking forward to visiting everyone over the next few days. We're in the midst of a heat wave here, so sitting in front of a computer in air-conditioning is much more appealing than sweating in the garden right now:)

  24. I hope you had a good day, with friends and family, you've worked so hard for it! Your namesake is a lovely plant! Good thing you didn't have weather like today for your garden party...WHEW!!

  25. Hi Rose. I haven't forgotten you. I do read but don't always comment.
    I do hope your 'cups' are doing fine. Would you lie some Flowering Almond? It originally came from Tn. Not too much difference in local.

  26. All looks grand, dear Rose. Enjoy!

  27. I am amazed at how lovely your garden is with how busy you have been! It is thriving! And I see your Columbine doing very well for you. :)
    I thank you for your sweet comment and visit.

  28. Oh my, what an eventful week indeed Rose! Your front lawn looks lovely, as do the beds and containers. I hope you get some nice cooler weather by Saturday and have fun!

  29. So glad to hear everything went well and that the rain you had was nothing to cause problems. You were ready...everything looked great! I am sure you are enjoying your kitchen and new flooring, too;-) We've been having heatwaves here, the 100's this week and last. That's just more than a little annoying;-) It's all over the country so I guess we can all wallow in it together. 80's would be ok...but 100's? ugh. Anyway, hope you are now getting that rest and relaxation you needed!

  30. Oh Rose, you make me laugh! I'm such a procrastinator too! Why? Who knows??? But somehow everything gets done.
    I just love your pretty lilac coloured iris. Your pansies are so fresh and strong looking. Mine look limp - maybe because I bought them at walmart. They looked nice when I first bought them. Oh well.

    Hope you can smell the roses now that everything is done!
    Sending hugs

  31. Oh my goodness Rose .. I read so much exhaustion and stress in every word you wrote but knowing how excited you were to have the reception here for your daughter and son-in-law kept you going and going like the Ever Ready Bunny ? LOL
    I hope by now you will have been able to get some rest .. this sort of thing can wallop your health even long after the event .. so when you feel tired you MUST rest!
    Tiramisu, I share with you : ) and love it too (I'm a poet and don't know it ? hehehe) those pansies were awesome with the yellow petunia .. that was a fantastic combination Rose !
    Your garden must have been simply beautiful .. even in that heat it did you proud I am sure.
    Congratulations on a wonderful resception (and yes .. I have been known to add to the list, aka flooring at the worst time possible? LOL) ..
    Take care and REST up girl !
    Joy : )


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