Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Will I Be Missing?

Husband and I are taking off this week for a little trip to Arizona to visit Daughter, Son-not-quite-in-law, and of course, the two Granddogs. With the beautiful spring weather we had last week, I've been worried, though, what I will miss in the garden.

I won't miss the last roars of March, however. I woke up this morning to blowing snow flurries and sleet depositing ice on the growing tulips. I hope this doesn't leave any lasting effects on all that has emerged in the garden in the last week. (I thought I had uploaded a short video of the wind whipping the snow through our yard, but apparently it is floating around in the vast wasteland of cyberspace instead.)

Quite a contrast from Friday when dawn revealed that spring
was really on its way here in central Illinois.

The crabapple trees are already sprouting new buds.

And the white flowering crab already has lots of green leaves. It's much too early for either of them to bloom; I hope they haven't been lulled into a false sense of security by the warm weather we had earlier.

The hyacinths are growing at an amazing rate.
Will I miss seeing them fully emerge from their cocoons? Oh, I hope not!

The unnamed clematis surprised me with this early growth. No need to worry about it blooming before I return, but it should be pruned soon and there's no time now.

Another surprise in the shade garden--the "Endless Summer" hydrangea is sprouting some green leaves already. Every year I wait impatiently for signs of new growth, fearing I'll lose another one. This has to be the earliest it's ever shown new life.

The stalwart Nepeta "Walker's Low" has appeared seemingly overnight. At the rate it's growing already, it may be even bigger than last year and overtake this corner of the garden.

The sedum is also growing at a steady rate. No need to worry that I'll miss its blooms, but I wonder if this one should be divided before it gets much bigger?

Every week brings new surprises. I missed the opportunity to photograph these tulips as they emerged from the ground--they began as bright red stalks tinged in yellow; you can still see the red tinges on their leaves. These are new ones I planted last fall, and I don't remember which ones they are until they finally bloom.

While I wonder if I will miss some special moments of spring here, there will be other special experiences in the next week. Besides being able to spend time with Daughter and her "family," I will no doubt see new sights in Arizona, including another stop at the Desert Botanical Gardens where the Butterfly House will be open!

Luckily, I have been able to enjoy the first signs of spring here. The yellow daffodils have fully opened this week, greeting me each morning with their bright, cheery faces. And the newer ones planted last fall will wait to bloom until I return home.

And I was also lucky to see the first primroses come into bloom. Aren't these just too pretty to look real? I was worried when I planted them last spring that they wouldn't be hardy here, but apparently they can survive even the coldest of winters.

However, I may miss the opening of these primrose buds. Don't they look like little rosebuds?

But most of all, I will miss these two who will probably think I have deserted them. Youngest Daughter will be in charge here, but I can't help but worry what kind of damage to my house Miss Sophie may wreak in my absence.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and don't miss any opportunities to enjoy what each day brings. I hope to get a post up for this Wednesday, and if Daughter's internet access is being cooperative, I will try to visit everyone when I can. Otherwise, I will be back next week, catching up on everyone's posts and seeing what I've missed in the garden.

Well, here's the missing video! What in the world is it doing here?
Argh, I am a techno illiterate:)


  1. Have a great time in AZ! I hate traveling anywhere at this time of year because there's always something new happening in the garden. I had no clue Primulas bloomed this early, although your garden appears to be a couple of weeks ahead of mine. (My Clematises' leaf buds are just swelling.) Your Daffodil is absolutely perfect!

  2. Dear Rose....I love all the new growth in your all looks so healthy and lush.....I love the pretty primula buds.....

    The daffodils opened to bid you delightful.....

    Have a wonderful time with hubby in Arizona......and I know you will love to see your daughter......have lots and lots of fun........


    travel safely.....xx

  3. a-ha! spring is there!
    have a nice trip!

  4. Have a lovely trip Rose. You will be able to enjoy the blooms in Arizona and I am sure that everything will look after itself in your absence. If you are like me though you will check the garden before the house on your return :)

  5. Well, we'll miss you, but have fun in AZ! I, too, hate to leave the garden but I'm sure you will have a lot of fun. And don't worry about home--aside from Daughter, there's always Toby, you know! :) By the way, a friend of mine calls his not-quite-sister-in-law his sister "outlaw". I like that!

  6. You may miss a few blooms Rose, but the forecast is for cool and more rain. Not very good weather to be out in the garden. On the other hand Arizona is having a glorious spring and will be perfect for more exploring.

    I love your primrose-why didin't I buy any that day?? Your clematis is growing about like mine. I had no idea they would start this early. I will keep an eye on your hyacinths-you know how I love those!

    Your video is exactly what it sounded and felt like out there today. Can you believe the cold and snow!!

    Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the family time and the sights and bring back lots of pictures to share.

  7. Rose I hope you have a wonderful time in AZ. I know you will have a great time there. I will look forward to seeing the photos.

    I bet when you return your garden will be full of surprises for you.

  8. I'm glad that prodigal video found its way back to the fold, Rose. I'm not missing what it shows! Hope you have a fun time there in AZ and that everything is intact when you return.

  9. Have a wonderful time, Rose. Though your garden is a bit ahead of mine, don't think you'll be missing much weather-wise. We'll all miss you and ... please ... bring bring back some sunny weather :) (Don't forget your camera ... I remember some lovely photos from your last visit!)

  10. This snow was a pretty unpleasant surprise! Thank goodness no ice storm, though.

    Have great time in AZ!

  11. Rose girl !! I hope you have a blast there in the desert ?? LOL and take lots of pictures please !
    You are a few weeks ahead of my garden but yes ! the catmint and sedums are so nice to see .. a few other things here and there .. but mostly I'm waiting for the deck and shed ........ it is slow going with bad weather right now .. here is hoping Miss Sophie behaves herself .. that her two older siblings keep her in hand ? LOL
    Good luck girl !

  12. MMD, I would have preferred to travel in early March, but Husband couldn't get off work before now. As it is, I'm glad I was here for the earlier tease of spring.

    Cheryl, I know we will have a great time. Daughter is so happy her Dad is coming along this time. I am so glad I bought those primulas last spring!

    Ewa, Thank you, and I hope spring is here to stay when I return.

    Anna, I'm hoping the wildflowers are still in bloom when I get to Arizona--this is the best time of year to see blooms there, I believe.

    Monica, I know Toby would take charge, except he prefers to stay away from Sophie; she doesn't obey Toby as she should:) I have to give credit to Sherry of Q's Corner for the idea for that term; an "outlaw" would work, too, except he's much too nice:)

    Beckie, I won't miss the cold and rain then. Wasn't this morning a nasty surprise? Hubby even got called out to work.
    This should be a good time for Arizona blooms; it's been in the 80's there lately. Do visit the hyacinths any time! Miss Sophie needs to be on a leash, though:) You know I'll bring back lots of photos!

    Susie, I know we'll have a great time, and maybe by the time I'm back the weather here will have settled down.

    W2W, Today was a typical example of March's fickleness in Illinois. I know you don't miss that.

    Joey, I will definitely bring back lots of photos, and I'll try to pack a little sunshine in my carry-on home as well:)

    Joyce, So true; today could have been much worse! Hope you're doing better.

    Joy, Everything seems to be coming up much earlier here this year. I won't be home to cover everything up if we have a hard freeze, though. Coconut tries to keep Sophie in line, but you know how youngsters can be:)

  13. Have a very safe and memorable trip out west Rose. Don't think twice about the critters or garden-it will still be there when you get back-always a good thing!

  14. Hi Rose, HA, you are so funny! The vast wasteland of cyberspace indeed. I can't even get my camera to take a video, let alone get it onto the blog. Have a wonderful trip and tell the plants and dogs to behave while you are gone. No blooming without you!

  15. Hi Rose! Ah, I feel your pain - I don't like to leave this time of year either. I like to leave during the winter and stay home when everything's growing.

    I hope you don't miss too much. Have a safe trip, and a wonderful time in Arizona, and your lovely garden will be waiting for you when you get home.

  16. I am techo-retarded or illiterate or whatever you said too. Never mind, one day we will "get" all this technology and by that time, it will have changed again! LOL!

    Your daffodil is splendid! I love that vibrant and cheerful yellow! Can't wait for mine to come up.
    I didn't know primroses were able to overwinter? Will definitely plant some. Yours look so good!

    Yes, do have a good week visiting. It will be warm and I'll bet you won't miss much in your garden. Don't forget to take pics!

  17. Have a great time in AZ Rose. You will have to get Beckie to go over to your house and take pictures while you are gone so you won't miss anything. Have Fun!!

  18. Rose-
    The winter after I graduated from college, Dad sent me to Arizona to visit my aunt and cousins for a couple of weeks. My cousin Steve wasn't working at the time (he's a year younger than me) and my aunt worked nights so we had use of her car during the day.

    One of the places we went was the Desert Botanic Garden. I made Steve take a picture of me smelling a rose on February 1st OUTSIDE! I couldn't believe it (it was my first trip out west). I even ended up staying for an extra day because I got snowed out of Chicago!

    Hope you have a great time visited your daughter and almost-son-in-law. I'm sure Sophie will miss you!

  19. It looks very pretty there. It's amazing how fast things start growing this time of year!

  20. Have a wonderful trip.
    I love the way the bulbs shoot up through the most hostile of conditions.
    Your photo looking down on the hyacinths is a lovely one. Don't they smell gorgeous too?

    I don't suppose much will happen in one week. It is quite another thing to leave pets though........ not to mention the blog! LOL

  21. Have a good trip. Maybe the weather will be nice by the time you get back.

  22. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter & soon to be son-in-law Rose! I also hope that you don't miss too much of the goings on in your garden either. :)

  23. Sure hope the flowers wait for you, Rose, so you'll have a big floral smooch on your return!

    We Austin gardeners don't want to leave when it's nice, because we might miss something, and if we leave when it's hot and horrible midsummer, we worry about having someone else water.

    Sometimes it really does get ridiculous.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    (Maybe you have to go into edit html and do a cut and paste to get the video where you want it....don't know if I'd try it myself. At least it's there and it works so you can't be too tech illiterate!)

  24. Have a wonderful time! Hope Sophie doesn't eat the house in your absence.

    By the way, I think getting younger Daughter together with younger Son an excellent idea. if only they were on the same continent!

  25. Lovely pictures of your garden. Our spring flowers are a little ahead of yours as we had some lovely weather last week. I know what you mean about March though, it can be very unpredictable and it is much colder here this week, but luckily not as windy as your video.

    Those two dogs look so happy together :-)

    Hope you have a lovely visit and that you don't miss too much at home!

    S x

  26. Have a wonderful time...You will miss the garden and your puppies and we will miss you! Like MMD, I hate to leave the garden until winter! There is always something exciting going on! But to see my son...I would be out of here in a minute! See you when you return or if you visit from AZ. Warmest wishes for a wonderful and safe trip! gail

  27. Don't worry! What you gain will outweigh all that you miss! Hope your trip is full of wonder! I am sure you will see many signs of Spring popping up all around you in Arizona!

  28. Primroses look sweet just like Daffodils! Ahhh, I'll miss your blooms for sometime, Rose, but hey, a trip to Arizona means cool photos of sub-tropical/tropical blooms! I remember your post last year before christmas! Especially that strange bloom from near your daughter's house...

  29. Now I remember. That was the Hong Kong Orchid Tree bloom!

  30. Sorry it has taken me a week to get round to visit you, but welcome aboard and thanks so much for contributing! This post has really inspired me as I am a great sedum lover. I have a stone wall which I am turning into a sedum bed....a long way to go but we are getting there


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