Friday, March 14, 2008

Strange blooms in March

A beautiful spring-like day here in Central Illinois, but my flowers have yet to hear the wake-up call. I did discover a tulip popping up through the thick mulch of leaves in my flowerbed, but unfortunately, I had to work today and didn't have time to run to get my camera. At least now I do believe that spring is finally on its way.

I do have something else "blooming" in our cornfield, if not in the flowerbeds--Canadian geese. For the past several nights six or seven of them have landed near dusk and settled in the field. I wonder if they might be laying eggs? If so, I do hope the eggs hatch before the field work begins.
Yesterday I searched through my flowerbeds for a sign of life (I swear that tulip wasn't up yesterday!), and the only green I could find was this yarrow plant. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if this little shoot had stayed green all winter--this plant is virtually indestructible. I believe it is called "Appleblossom," and it turns a lovely shade of pink when mature. Thank goodness I planted it next to a large landscaping rock rather than my flowerbed, because it spreads rapidly and could easily overtake less hardy plants. This is my first ever "Bloom-day" blog; in fact, it's only my second blog posting. But I am excited about joining in on the fun, and I hope to have some real blooms to share the next Bloom day.


  1. Welcome to the world of garden blogging and Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! I assume that your central Illinois garden is similiar, climate-wise, to my Indianapolis garden. My yarrow isn't showing itself, yet, but hopefully soon.

    I also hope those geese aren't nesting in that field!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. Good pictures. I like yarrow also, but it does not want to grow for me. You'll have to give me pointers!

  3. Welcome to GBBD,and welcome to the world of garden blogging. I loved the wild geese pictures

  4. Welcome to GBBD Rose. Good post. I don't have yarrow in my garden any more. I don't like its messy aggressive ways. It grows wild in the side lot. I enjoy it there.

    I think the Canada Geese are just foraging and or roosting in the corn field. when they nest the couple chooses a place usually near water and they don't tolerate anyone or anything coming near their nest. When you see little groups of CAGO together during mating season they are the non breeders. Did you know that CAGO pair for life? They are beatiful birds. Qute tasty if cooked right.

  5. Hello, and welcome to Bloom Day. It's my first one, too...

    I am thinking about using yarrow as a ground cover/lawn alternative and keeping it mowed I like its texture and color.


  6. I agree with Lisa, those geese are just looking for corn kernels on their way north to nest in parking lots near me in Chicago's burbs. Welcome to bloom day.

  7. Welcome to bloom day. Looking forward to seeing your garden in future months and whether those geese laid eggs!

  8. Welcome to bloom day and welcome to garden blogging! I'm a newbie too.

  9. Hi there Rose and welcome to blogging and Bloom Day :-)

    Oh... I love to see the geese in the fields. I live very near a nature reserve in my part of Scotland and often drive past fields with geese or swans in them during the day. Today a large group flew over my house so perhaps some are on the move now.

    Soon your bulbs will popping up all over I expect. Spring is definitely on the way. Looking forward to seeing how your garden will look next GBBD - I hope you will join us again. You'll find it is a great way to find new blogs of similar interest to yours as is a visit or two to Botanical :-D

  10. I can relate after many springs in Maine. I'm living in the land of eternal spring - England - this year.


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