Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mixed Emotions

I am back in Blogland once again, but not without a touch of sadness. Yesterday I took Older Daughter to the airport so she could fly back home to Phoenix after spending a long weekend with us. She hadn't been home since Christmas, so it was wonderful to be able to spend time with her once again. We talked and laughed and spent Friday in Chicago attending a Cubs' game (though they lost); it was as though she'd never been gone. Her boyfriend also came home, so she spent part of the time with his family. But we got to spend time with him as well, so we made the most of the time we had with both of them. After four short days, though, she had to get back to work and to my "grandsons," as she constantly reminds me to call them. Odie, the pug, no doubt missed her, but he spent the weekend with a friend of hers, and as long as he had a comfy chair or bed to sleep on and a few treats, I'm sure he was fine.

New baby Bear might need some re-training when Daughter gets home, though. Bear was a new "addition" to her family about a month ago. You can't tell from his baby picture, but Bear is an English mastiff, which means he's going to grow to nearly 200 pounds, in other words . . . . . . HUGE!! Leave it to Daughter, the ultimate dog lover, to pass by the poodles and terriers for the largest dog she could find!

This weekend was the first time Daughter mentioned the word "wedding," which means she must be seriously planning marriage in a couple of years. I love my "grandsons," but I'm hoping some more human grandchildren might be in the picture in a few years as well.

The four days passed by so quickly and were so full of activity that Daughter said she'd need a vacation when she got back to Arizona. I hope she gets some much-needed rest this week.

Daughter came back specifically for my parents, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past week. I know they were so happy to see her. We took advantage of having the whole family here to take some family pictures Sunday morning at a nearby park. A cloudburst right before the photo shoot threatened our plans, but other than a few muddy knees we managed to get some photos taken. I can't wait to see the proofs. Afterwards, we went out to dinner where we were joined by my parents' brothers and sisters. They wanted to keep their celebration simple this year, since they'd had a big party for their 40th and an open house for their 50th. I think this worked out well--they were able to spend time with everyone there and were surrounded by the people who mean the most to them. I had worked for months to create a slideshow out of old family pictures. Although I was frustrated the music didn't work right, everything else went well, and I think they appreciated it. I wish them many more years of happiness!

Besides my daughter's visit and my parents' celebration, there were other matters to attend to last week, so it's been a hectic week and I've given myself permission to take a day off today. I'm going to catch up on blog reading, write a post for tomorrow, and maybe even start reading that new book I picked up from the library . . . the weeds and housework can wait another day.


  1. I love the mastiff breeds although I don't think I want to own one. I've known people who say they make the perfect combination of watch dog and family dog.

  2. I love it when my kids can come home! What a great thing, to celebrate a long marriage like your parents have had.

  3. Marnie, my daughter says he is supposed to be very gentle and good with kids. But I agree; I don't think I could handle a dog that big.

    Joyce, Yes, it was a wonderful time! My parents are special people; faith and family are the most important things in their lives. I am so happy that they are still in good health and were able to celebrate this milestone.

  4. Beautiful dogs Rose....the english mastiffs are lovely dogs.....so devoted and loyal.....

    You sound as if you had a wonderful time together......a family time......coming together of minds....old and young.....these times make the memories of the future.

    I thought about you at the weekend and I am so pleased it was successful Rose.......

  5. Congrats to your parents! Amazing. My 27 year old daughter just announced her engagement too. Yup, a wedding. How exciting! The dogs are so cute.

  6. Just popped back to say I love the new header....you know how I love my coneflowers nows....can't get enough of them......

  7. Cheryl, We did have a wonderful time. Family time is very special to me. I am fortunate to have everyone but my daughter (3rd child) nearby, but even so it's hard to get all of us together some times.
    Thanks for the comment on my header; I've been wanting to do this for some time, but just haven't found the time. Coneflowers fit me better than roses do: nothing flashy or fussy, just sturdy and dependable:)

    Tina, My daughter is 27, too! Nothing is set in stone yet, but the fact she said it is encouraging. I told her if she waited till she was 30 she'd have to pay for a wedding herself:)

  8. I had a feeling your daughter was about the same age as mine. We have been waiting a long time as my daughter and her boyfriend have been together for a few years now. The wedding is planned for next fall. A long engagement indeed. Good luck with yours! When is the wedding?

  9. The housework can always wait for another day - it's not going anywhere. How wonderful to celebrate your parents' 60th anniversary. The dogs are both cute, but then I love big dogs. The only problem with big dogs is that they can reach stuff on the counters, on the stove & in the sink. So manners are very important for a big dog. (Another do as I say, not as I do thing.)

  10. There is absolutely nothing like the joy of visiting with a grown up child! It sounds like you very much like her boyfriend! So good! I shall be hanging out with my only this weekend and getting the best ever hugs!
    I can't wait!

    I just read your comment to Joyce, what a wonderful way to feel about your parents! I imagine your daughter feels that way about you and her dad!

    Mastiffs are so huge! Do they have the space, I am imagining my sons tiny apartment! Kids!


  11. I had you on my mind this weekend also. So glad the kids made it home okay and that all had a great time. Your parents are indeed wonderful people and I am so very happy they are still sharing love and good health. Wedding was actually mentioned?! Wow, that's a big step for her. I know she has her head on straight ans will do what is right for her when the time comes, but a wedding would be wonderful.

  12. Tina, No plans yet...maybe I'm jumping the gun, but she usually doesn't tell me such things until she's already made up her mind. She mentioned 2 years from now--if so, looks like we'll be paying for part of it:)

    MMD, we used to have a big dog, too, though he was only a tiny fraction Mastiff. Ah yes, I learned to push plates of food far away from the edge of the counter:)

    Gail, Yes, I do like her boyfriend very much. As for the dog...well, they're moving to a new, bigger apartment soon:) And, of course, he will get much too big for her to ever fly him home with her.
    Enjoy your weekend with your son!

    Beckie, Don't tell anyone! I may have jinxed it by even mentioning it aloud:) However, he was in our family picture,too.
    Hope you have your Dad settled in and you are getting some rest.

  13. Bear is so cute--it's hard to imagine him at 200lbs! I thought Bocephus was huge at 90lbs--LOL! The only thing better than granddogs are grand-babies, and it sounds like you may have some one of these days! I'm glad you had a nice visit with daughter and beau.

  14. It sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend. Time goes so quickly though, doesn't it?

    Like your daughter, I prefer the big breeds, and, like you, I'm longing for grandchildren!! Human ones.

    It's Husband's parents' 60th at the end of this month. They're having a Sunday lunch meal out with their children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. A movie show of their lives sounds a great idea! But they're in 200 miles away so I don't think I could lay my hands on the photos.

  15. What an eventful week you had Rose. It seems there is never enough time when you have a child that comes home only a few times per year. Your granddogs are darling.

    60years of marriage.wow. That is something to be proud of, especially in this day and age.

    You certainly deserve a rest. Prop those feet up and enjoy your book and reminese about the past few days.

  16. Hi Rose, how wonderful for you and your family to be together. It gets harder and harder as the kids get involved in their own lives more. I can imagine the pug and the mastiff together, playing, eating and napping, it is a funny sight. Hope the pug can hold his own! Congrats on the almost engagement. ;->

  17. Rose ! Now that was a nice post to read. I laughed at your daughter's pick for an extra 'grandson" ? what a huge dog that will be and think of the slurpy kisses and hugs when you get to meet him ? An talk about an 'Odd Couple" little pug and BIG 'Doug" .. couldn't help finding a name that was just right for him after seeing his picture .. you know .. Canadian eh ? "Bob and Doug" McKenzie ? LOL
    Hope you had a good rest and break : )

  18. OMG, that puppy is adorable!!! Your daughter has good taste in dogs. Both breeds make wonderful pets. (and both are great with REAL (grand)children!)

    What wonderful family times you've been enjoying, Rose. I'm glad you had a nice, long visit with your daughter and her boyfriend, and some great family closeness celebrating such an important milestone as a 60th anniversary.

    My youngest (third) daughter was living on the east coast for a couple of years, with an extended period back home late last year and early this year caring for her elderly paternal grandmother after a hip fracture. Oh how I missed her, and my grandson! They've just moved back, and I saw them this weekend for the first time in months. I can imagine how wonderful it must have been to have your daughter home for an extended visit.

    Lots of warm, good family times you've gotten to enjoy recently, Rose, and lots of mixed emotions. I can imagine you must have been ready for a relaxing, restful day yesterday to decompress, and I hope it was just that.

  19. Morning Glories, We had a dog who was 90 pounds and I thought he was huge, too. Good thing Daughter has a lot more muscles than I do:) I actually have 5 grandkids already, but I'm always ready for more!

    Liz, Congratulations to your in-laws! 60 years is pretty amazing. I actually started going through old pictures back in January--it took forever. In the end I had a 15 minute slide show and probably could have made it an hour! George and Bear would probably have fun together:)

    Lisa, It was a fun weekend. Right now I'm on daycare carpooling duty while Daughter-in-law is away on a business trip, which means leaving the house by 6:30 AM! Oh well, life would be dull for me without the kids and grandkids.

    Frances, Yes, as the kids get older, they have their own families and in-laws to spend time with, too, so it is hard. I try to make the most of the time I do have with them. Odie, the pug is the most agreeable dog you'd ever meet, but Daughter says he's been putting Bear in his place. Good thing, too, while he's still about the same size:)

  20. GardenJoy, The puppy will eventually be bigger than me! Daughter thinks I lavish too much attention and time on my grandkids, so she likes to remind me to be fair--that I have other "grandkids" as well, LOL.

    GardenGirl, Daughter tells me Mastiffs are supposed to be a very gentle breed--he'd better be at that size!
    I hadn't seen my daughter for six months, but other than her new haircut, she hadn't changed a bit. It was as though she'd never left. It's been hard having her so far away, since all my other children (and grandkids) live near by. But if and when she has children, I hope she is living nearer to us. Otherwise, I'd better start accumulating some frequent flier miles:) Glad you had a good visit with your daughter and grandson; I'm sure you're thrilled they are living closer to you now.

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  22. Sometimes life just passes us by while we are making plans for all this work we need to do. When we are on our death beds, it won't be the clean living room we will be thinking about. It will be the time we spent with our loved ones.

    My Mother in law always called our dogs, her Granddogs and sent them birthday cards on their birthday. : )

  23. Oh yes, weeds and housework can always wait......
    A wedding! How nice! And hopefully some "real" grandkids for you!
    I'm happy you had a good time with family. Your parents are very lucky to be celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary together.

  24. Bear is adorable! I knew a mastiff at summer camp who would find ABC gum and chew it. He was huge but really gentle. Still no one wanted to reach in those huge jaws to extract the gum.

    Congratulations to your parents on 60 years - wow! Great to hear you had a nice visit with your daughter. I hope you found time for your library book. What are you reading?

  25. Eve, I have been guilty most of my life of worrying too much about what "has" to be done rather than enjoying the moment. It's a hard habit to break, but I'm trying.

    Wendy, Thanks. Actually I have 5 grandchildren already, but I'm always read for more! (I think I already said this...oh well, grandchildren are such a joy.)

    Sarah, Daughter keeps telling me he will be gentle; I hope so!
    I haven't had much time to read lately, but I left a comment on your blog about my current book, A Thousand Acres. Thanks for visiting! I really need to update my blogroll:)

  26. Sounds like a lovely family time. What beautiful dogs, both in their own ways of course!


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