Friday, August 1, 2008

Garden Muse Day:" A Route of Evanescence"

A Route of Evanescence
With a revolving Wheel--
A Resonance of Emerald--
A Rush of Cochineal--
And every Blossom on the Bush
Adjusts its tumbled Head--
The mail from Tunis, probably,
An easy Morning's Ride --

Emily Dickinson

The hummingbirds are back! I have been waiting for two months to be able to include this poem, one of my favorite Emily Dickinson's. But hummingbirds have been scarce around here the last month and a half, and I even had another post ready to go today instead. Yesterday, though, the stars must have been in alignment; as I sat out on the porch, camera in hand for once, not one, but two swooped down several times before finally deciding to take a drink. They are not easy to photograph because of their constant motion, and this picture doesn't begin to compare to some of the great shots others have shown on their blogs. But I am happy . . . my summer is complete.

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  1. This is great Rose. I can identify with your want of hummers. We usually only have two or three around. They become scarse when they are nesting then the younguns get out and about.

    Emily was my choice for the month too. She always has something to say about nature. I just love her.

  2. That's one of my favorite poems, too--I ask my students to guess what she's describing (they don't often do very well). Great shot, Rose--we're lucky to have lots of hummers, and they actually light on slender branches or the deer cages--but while they're not afraid of me (they zip around me while I garden, especially when I water), they're afraid of the camera!

    By the way, what kind of camera do you use?

  3. Lisa, I never thought about that--perhaps they were nesting this last month. Most of the ones I see now are quite small, so I wonder if they are the babies.

    Cosmo, You're right, the hummers aren't scared of me, but they move so quickly that a good shot is hard to get. I have a Sony Cybershot, but it doesn't have any zoom capability, other than the typical 3x optical. If you look back at an earlier post of mine, you'll see that I am longing for a new camera with a powerful zoom:)............I have to tell you a story about this poem. One reason I've always loved it, besides the imagery, is that this was on an essay test in one American Lit class in college. Apparently very few in the class understood it either, so the prof read my essay in front of the class as a good example. The only time in college I remember a prof doing that! Needless to say, Emily and I were even bigger friends after that:)
    What level of students do you teach?

  4. Rose,

    Sigh, how wonderful it is that the stars aligned and you were at the ready! It's a wonderful photo!

    Emily's poem and this photo were worth the summer wait! Thank you, Rose for a good start to my day!


  5. Hooray! I saw the hummer picture and thought, "she finally got her humming bird!" I will admit to not knowing what the poem was about, but now that I do it is even more beautiful.

  6. Congrats on the picture. It looks great! They are hard little buggers to catch on film!

  7. Aren't they amazing little creatures?

    I've heard others complain hummers seem to be scarce in certain areas.

  8. Congratulations & capturing a hummer on film! That's so exciting. I haven't even seen a hummer around here, so I am very envious.

  9. You should be happy Rose....this is a lovely photograph....what I would do to have a hummingbird in my garden........beautiful words to.....

    have fun with your daughter.....

  10. I just love those tiny birds. I have had to capture several of them on different occasions with a butterfly net after our cat chased them into the garage. It's not easy to do either. They flit about so quickly and are so delicate that I was afraid I would smash them while trying to help them. Don't worry too much about upgrading; your camera works great.

  11. That's fantastic Rose! So glad you caught on on film. I still think it's amazing to have birds like this coming to feed in the garden. The children are in bed now but I can't wait to show them.
    I hope your week has been good.
    Suburbia :)

  12. Lovely poem. I like Emily Dickenson too. I am glad your hummers have returned. They are so sweet - like flying jewels. Very hard to photograph.
    Hope they stay around for a while.

  13. Lovely, Rose! I'm still waiting for the hummers to appear. We've had hummingbird moths, but no birds yet. The blooms and feeder are ready and waiting for them though.

  14. Great shot! I keep seeing them buzz around but I either don't have my camera or they move away too fast. :)

  15. I think you got a great picture of that little bird. I have never put up hummingbird feeders. I would like to t do it but we have a problem with ants.

  16. Thanks for your lovely contribution, Rose. Sorry to be late in making my rounds to your lovely garden blog.

  17. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, Rose. I'm glad you had a good visit with your daughter (I've read your later posts)--I know Illinois gets hot in the summer, but she still must have enjoyed the break from the Phoenix sun ("dry heat" makes no difference when it's 115!) Thanks for the information about the camera--I did get a new one, and it's the subject of my next posting, which I'm going to get to just as soon as I stop playing with the camera. But no hummer shots yet--

    I teach college--it's usually freshman and sophomores that I ask about "A route of evanescence"--


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