Friday, March 16, 2012

March Bloom Day: An Early Spring

According to the calendar, the first day of spring isn't until next Tuesday, but you could have fooled me.  We have had record-setting temperatures this past week, and the garden is bursting forth with blooms and all kinds of new growth, just in time for this month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Flowers and gardeners are not the only creatures feeling the stirrings of spring.  Even a lone hoverfly was out last week enjoying some early blooms and frolicking in the pollen.

Checking through past years' records, I did have a few tiny crocus blooms opening last year.  But this year the crocuses have been in bloom since early February, which also sets a new record in my garden.

I noticed in my past March Bloom Day posts that three years ago I was wondering what had happened to all the crocuses I had planted, because only a few had appeared.  I'm not sure if the crocuses blooming now are from that mystery year or from later plantings, but they seem to be multiplying everywhere.

 I'm glad because although each tiny little bloom is such a welcome sight, especially after a long winter, they look so much better in groups.

It's also early for daffodils in my zone 5b garden. On Monday I took a few photos of the buds, but by Tuesday, they had opened up completely.

In the coming weeks there will be other varieties of daffodils coming into bloom, small tazetta blooms and ruffled doubles in different hues, but the first unnamed yellow stalwarts are always the most appreciated, for they signal the true beginning of spring for me.

Spring bulbs are slower to emerge in the shade garden, but the hellebores are capturing all attention right now.  Taking a picture of the white blooms requires some contortion and playing with the camera, as most of them are the downward facing variety.

A few years ago, I purchased a collection of five plants in different colors but all the same species from a mail order company.  I'm no expert on hellebores, so I don't understand why the white ones look like this . . .

. . . while the purple ones look like this. 

The upright blooms of what I think is 'Red Lady' are definitely easier to see and photograph!

Cleaning up the flowerbeds this week has revealed more budding growth and a bonus surprise--the first primrose bloom.

Hydrangeas are budding early, too. After seeing these on the macrophyllas one day, I've been checking all the other hydrangeas and new shrubs nearly every day for buds.  I've had my fingers crossed about a few plants that didn't do so well last year, so any sign of new growth brings a sigh of relief from me.

This morning I noticed one of the flowering crabapples is beginning to leaf out as is the lilac.  Looking at the garden shows that it will soon be time for the parade of tulips.  Yes, spring has definitely arrived early this year!

I hope you are enjoying some early blooms in your garden as well.  For a look at other signs of spring, check out the list of participants at Carol's May Dreams Gardens.  And yes, I know I'm late to the monthly meeting, but I spent the day yesterday at the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show.  More to come on that later ...


  1. This has been one of the most unusual winters hasn't it? Your signs of Spring are just awesome!

  2. Oh dear! I just missed commenting on the previous post and one which featured a photo of lovely Sophie too! Many congratulations on your blog anniversary and your award too...very well deserved.

    How lovely to see all the cheerful Spring flowers blooming already in your garden, I particularly love Daffodils, so bright and sunny looking after the dull days of Winter.

    We have enjoyed some lovely Springlike days too but the last few have been colder and very dull.

  3. I really love that yellow crocus! I'm going to have to look for some in that color. Each spring I decide I need more crocus in the garden :-)

    I have early daffodils blooming too, and it's just amazing. Unfortunately, it almost too hot to enjoy working in the garden!

  4. Spring is just crazy this year! It's wonderful too! Those crocuses are so darned funny-multiplying is very nice.

  5. I can understand how happy you are see all this beautiful springflowers.
    Overhere the large fields of tulips show theire grow it's so beautiful when it comes in to flowers.
    Have a lovely weekend Rose.
    gr. Marijke

  6. We are going right into summer temps. It has been so dry that we primed the pump and turned on the irrigation. What a mess ---I cleaned the filters last fall and put the heads back on wrong. hahaha never try to adjust sprinkler heads without the proper tools. On my second set of clothes for today.

  7. I've seen a couple posts now about an early spring and our area seems no different. Although we don't have blooms or buds just yet the snow is receding at an almost alarming rate and we're well into mud season. Can't wait till we dry out and the real action starts.

  8. What beautiful flowers!! Being in the country my daffodils always bloom late, but like many others are a little ahead this year. Makes me wonder what will happen when spring actually gets here...

  9. You do beautiful close up photos. There always seems to be something lovely to zoom in on..... though in my case, I think that I might have to really search for something!
    Yes....... Spring has sprung.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Hi Rose,
    Gosh your garden is way ahead.....I do hope you don't get caught out by a sudden frost :(

    I to love bulbs in groups.....they somehow look more natural that way.
    I remember years ago I would buy a bag of mixed bulbs and throw them up in the air, where they landed, I planted....worked extremely well, or perhaps I was just lucky :)

  11. I love hellebores. I don't know if they will grow where I garden. I will have to check that out. I loved your photographic journal of what blooming in your garden.

  12. How nice that your Crocuses are multiplying! My Grape Hyacinths seem to be doing the same. I can't believe how many things are blooming about a month early. The Magnolias burst into flower today. Wild!

  13. Such pretty blooms Rose. Love the hellebores!

    We added some crocuses here a couple of years ago, and it seems they make good rabbit food. Not sure if that's why some of yours went missing. Also, the ones that survive the rabbits here haven't bloomed yet, so maybe they sometimes take a while to become established enough to bloom.

    Not sure what to think about this crazy weather, but I'm enjoying it. Just hope it doesn't portend another hot, dry summer!

  14. p.s. Your crocuses are gorgeous! Hope mine will be blooming one of these years soon!

  15. Love your garden! Spring is certainly early this year. I saw a crocus blooming in my daughter's garden this morning. We've never had flowers bloom in March!!
    Happy Spring

  16. What beautiful crocuses. We've just bought 10 hellebores. they're a plant I've only just come to notice and like. I hope they turn out to be as lovely as yours.

  17. I must get some crocus into my gardens!


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