Thursday, July 15, 2010

July GBBD: Bloomin' Hot!

It's hard to believe it's already the 15th of July--where has the summer gone?? Once again it's time to showcase what is blooming on this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, a monthly meeting hosted by garden guru Carol of May Dreams Gardens.  Like most parts of the country, it has been very hot here the last few weeks, which means the only garden maintenance that gets done is before 8 AM or after 7 PM, and evening hours are often cut short by the mosquitoes.  Flowers are struggling to survive not only the heat but also the lack of rainfall.  Fortunately, this garden tour is a virtual one, so sit back and enjoy from the cool comfort of your office or kitchen.  I know you have many places to visit, so I'll try to keep my usual chatter to a minimum.

This is coneflower season--my favorite bloom time of the year.  Just beginning to bloom for the June bloom day, they have now been in full force for the past few weeks.  There are coneflowers in the front garden (above) where butterflies get drunk on nectar and dance the day away, while the bees busily go about their work of pollination.

There are coneflowers in the butterfly garden where they must stretch to new heights to be seen.

And there are coneflowers in the roadside garden, waving to passersby.

Since this is a virtual garden walk, that 1/8 mile jog down the lane to this area wasn't too strenuous, was it? Notice the passalong lilies behind the coneflowers--'Nettie's Coral' have been blooming for nearly four weeks.  I think these have to be the star performers of all the lilies I have.

Growing to gigantic proportions in the same garden area this year is the butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa.  Still no sign of Monarch activity on it, however.

Walking back up the lane to the new lily garden, we find that a few new additions have been made besides the lilies because I can't resist a bargain.  This balloon flower 'Scentimental Blue' was purchased on the clearance rack at Lowe's.

Another bargain plant, a cherry pink phlox, whose tag I've already lost, is struggling to stay alive in this weather.

The three new lilies mentioned in my last post have been planted, and 'Spider Miracle' accommodated me by blooming again for this Bloom Day.  'Juliet' has also settled into her new home and is blooming, but 'Romeo' apparently is going to sulk until next year.

Walk a few steps to your right of the lily garden, and we'll find Roco's memory garden, where the daisy 'Becky' is putting out numerous blooms.

Now let's continue to the very back of the yard to the Buttefly Garden, where chaos rules.  Cleomes came from seedlings started by Beckie, but some also appeared voluntarily.

Besides coneflowers, this is the season of the Susans.  Two perennial 'Goldsturm'  and just a few--maybe 2 or 3?--annual rudbeckias were planted last year.  This year, I have no idea which is which or how many there are, because they just keep on popping up everywhere.

The Susans are determined to steal the spotlight away from the bright blue Bachelor's Buttons, which also reseeded themselves.

There was also no need to replant these orange cosmos.  'Cosmic Orange,' originally from seeds from Tina, are just as prolific this year as they were last year.

A plant I hope will reseed itself next year is this Verbena bonariensis.  I'm so excited to finally have this plant in my garden after several unsuccessful attempts in the past.

This is not a volunteer, however.  As if I didn't have enough Rudbeckias already, I couldn't resist picking up two of these 'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckias.  I'm hoping they will reproduce next year as well as their cousins have.

Since there are so many volunteers in the Butterfly Garden, it is hard to weed--many a plant has been left alone, only to discover later it was really a weed after all.  Fortunately, this Joe Pye weed--which I swear I planted in a different place--survived the hoe.

Joe has really grown this year to 4-6 feet tall, which is a good thing, or I wouldn't have even seen it behind all the coneflowers and cosmos.

Summer annuals are everywhere, too.  Just a quick look at a few of them--here is my old standby Salvia 'Victoria Blue.'

Overwintered geraniums are doing very well.

Yellow 'Zahara' zinnias in the lily garden.

Bordering the lily garden, this lantana 'Lucky Lemon Creme' is one plant that loves the heat.

And finally, before you leave, just a quick glance into the cooler regions of the Shade Garden.  Hydrangea 'Limelight' is just beginning to show some blooms.

 Besides the hydrangeas, the only other real blooms in the shade right now are the hostas.  Most of them are almost finished, but 'Sum and Substance' saved its stately blooms for last.  And in case you are wondering, no I wasn't sipping a little wine when I took this photo.  I think the heat has affected my brain--my view of the world these days seems slightly skewed.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, and I hope you stayed cool enough.  Now, why not enjoy the rest of the day touring gardens across the world from the comfort of your own home by visiting Carol's list of Bloom Day posts?


  1. The heat, humidity, and mosquitoes have sure been oppressive so far this summer Rose.

    Your gardens are looking wonderful and full of bloom in spite of the weather. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Oh I did enjoy this tour...such a beautful collection of plants...
    and yes it is awful hot and buggy

  3. I enjoyed my tour very much. You have tons blooming. You know I did the same thing with my Joe Pye weed, kept weeding it out when I got behind it finally bloomed and walah! Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. Glad your cosmos are doing well. They don't do as well for me since I have so much shade but you can't beat their bright orange color. I am still loving that daylily/coneflower combo-awesome display!

  4. Hi, Rose!
    Wow! Everything looks so gorgeous! It's just not possible to have too many coneflowers... I've got them coming out my ears and now you're inspiring me to plant some more. :) Happy Bloom Day!

  5. Hi Rose, checking my butterfly weed every day too. Yesterday I found chewed leaves, maybe I have caterpillars but couldn't find them.

    This is the second year for Little Joe and Chocolate Joe Pye in my garden. Little Joe is over 4 feet tall. They are both just about to bloom.

  6. Rose, you gardens are looking amazing, so many blooms. You have done so very is a delight.

    Seeing your beautiful coneflowers, reminds me. Last night I was weeding the back bed and there before was a solitary bud......a coneflower bud, and I think it is 'white swan' which is my favourite. I am so excited.

    The susan's have not appeared yet.....again disappointment, non natives do not seem to like my heavy soil.

    Milkweed has grown well but no blooms. The rabbits ate all my red clover, but tku for sending the seeds.

    Have a lovely weekend....

    Verbena Bonariensis is a favourite of loves my gardens and seeds everywhere. I love it for the way it just fits in so perfectly, wherever it decides to seed.

    A lovely post Rose.......really lovely.

  7. Your gardens are looking really nice! Especially loveable is that cosmic orange cosmos - beautiful! Also, the spider type daylilies are looking so sweet to me lately...

  8. Rose that was a great virtual tour - I could not cope with your weather - I know I moan about our wet July but to work in heat like that must be tough.

    Beautiful cone flowers everywhere to be seen - I wish they liked my garden but alas I have to make do with virtual ones on everyones blogs today.

    Thankyou so much for the visit. :) Rosie

  9. Your cone flowers look much better than mine. Mine are about to succumb to the heat even though we have had some rain this week. Your garden looks quite hardy and beautiful.

  10. You have some amazing flowers!

  11. Everything looks so good and you have a great variety. Thanks for the tour!

  12. Everything in the garden is just WOW! Such a great year for coneflowers; they make us all look like better gardeners. I wish my Susans did as well as yours. I dream of huge drifts of bright gold in my garden.

  13. I enjoyed the tour especially your Limelight hydrangea. Wished they liked my part of the world better.

  14. You are doing a brilliant job despite the heat keeping your garden so lush and colorful. I've never seen healthier cone flowers.

  15. What a gorgeous garden! I love the Daylilies and Coneflowers - what a pretty combination. Many of the flowers you have blooming won't bloom here for another few weeks or so. Makes me excited to see them.

  16. Beautiful blooms for GBBD Rose! You can't beat the stuff that shines inspite of the heat and lack of rain. :)

  17. You're growing the first lantana that I think I could actually like. Those moonglow colors of 'Lucky Lemon Creme' are just beautiful. I'm going to have to see if I can find it in Austin.

    Your garden looks so summery fresh and full of flowers. I see why some people like summer.

  18. The heat and rain we've had in the Midwest has made EVERYthing so lush and your lovely garden is no exception. I enjoyed my virtual stroll.
    Stay cool!

  19. Rose, What a treat to see the happy blooms in your garden! Again I am experiencing sunny garden envy; especially when I see how truly happy the echinacea is! I totally agree with joy~You are the Coneflower Queen! xxgail

  20. Rose, it's so good to be back in your garden. It's been a hot summer here and also one of the most wet.....MOSQUITOES!

    The butterfly weed in my garden has not grown to gigantic proportions like yours, but it's still one of my favorite plants. Can't say that I've ever seen Monarchs on it.

    I like your balloon flower and I'm partial to clearance rack plants.

    Your 'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckias are so, so pretty. There could never be too many Rudbeckias.

    What have you been feeding Joe? Six feet!

    I'm wondering if the yellow 'Zahara' zinnias are the ones you grew from seed. I started
    'Starlite Rose' from seed and ended up with only one pot of them. They've finally bloomed, but are unimpressive. The rose centers are not pronounced like in the seed catalog photo. Why am I not surprised? lol

    Your header photo is gorgeous, gorgeous. I'm taking your advice and will keep trying with my new header photo. Same problem as you had, it won't shrink to fit.

    Thanks for visiting my blog after I'd been gone for so long.


  21. I love your fun writing that goes with your great photos of what's blooming in your garden. I love all of your blooms, but the daylilies, coneflowers, and Susans are probably my favorites.

    Thanks for your encouragement for hanging in there growing the nigella. I took some of the seedheads to dry last year, but this year, left all but a couple, even though I would have liked to try to extend the blooms by deadheading. I figured I'd end up with more seeds and hopefully, more blooms next year.

  22. Your garden post is delightful, dear Rose. So fun to catch up. Happy remains of July gardening :)

  23. Thanks everyone for your comments. I've been trying to visit everyone's posts the last few days instead of replying here. We had some rain on Thursday--hooray!--but the heat isn't letting up.

    Donna, The yellow Zahara zinnias are seedlings I bought. My 'Starlights' never made it, unfortunately. We did have some in the Idea Garden, and I agree they didn't look as pretty as advertised.

    Sue, If you don't deadhead the nigella, it should come back for you next year.

  24. I just love a good virtual garden tour, all air-conditioned and beautiful. I love your flowers, the blooms are awesome. Romeo and Juliet, how sweet. You'll adore Spider Miracle. What a great plant.~~Dee

  25. I absolutely agree with you Rose, how CAN it be the middle of July already!

    Everything looks so lovely in your gardens. The butterfly and roadside gardens look delightful, such pretty colour combinations.

    I do hope you get the Monarchs soon :)

  26. Love your gardens. They are so beautiful and diverse. The Brandy Wine rudbeckia is worth making room for. i love rudbeckia though, so that opinion is a more than a little biased ;)

  27. Everything looks great, especially the coneflowers! I hope one day that I have drifts like those!

  28. Thank you very much for the walk through your garden. It's so beautiful! I tried to settle the coneflower in my garden too, but unfortunately the slugs are faster than me :o(. Therefore I enjoyed your pictures even more.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  29. The best of summer is showing in your garden, Rose! I love the Joe Pye weed and the Cleome--very beautiful.

  30. gorgeous! love that spider miracle lily. and i was just thinking that too, where is summer going already? at least there is still august :)

  31. How lovely, Rose. You must be in heaven tending this beautiful garden. Besides newly introduced 'Chocolate Cosmos', 'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckia has been the delight of my garden this summer. I'm in awe! Happy remains of July :)

  32. Hi Rose, it is so relaxing to tour around your garden, even the grasses are beautiful. How i wish it is not only virtual, but thank you very much. I can see you have a lot of commenters here, how i wish i have even just half of them, hahaha. thank you.

  33. Hi Rose, we have a lot of the same plants. I have my cosmic orange cosmos next to my chocolate ones, it looks nice!

  34. Virtual tours are good, especially when it is hot outside. I enjoyed this one. Fortunately, so far we've had heat, but also some good rain, so we are surviving in Indy!


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