Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garden Muse Day and ABC Wednesday

Happy September to everyone! Although the calendar doesn't say so, the first of September always means fall to me, and the cool nights we've had this past week certainly suggest that autumn has arrived. The first of the month is always Garden Muse Day, and since tomorrow is ABC Wednesday, I thought I would combine the two memes into a two-for one today.

This week's letter G is for Green and Growing.

I'm not a farmer myself, so I don't keep track of these things, but it does seem as if the corn surrounding our house this year is as tall as I have ever seen it. In fact, it might even be taller "than an elephant's eye." According to Wikipedia, the average African Bush elephant is usually 9.8 to 11.5 feet tall, while an Asian elephant averages around 9 feet tall. Considering an elephant's eye is placed lower than his shoulder, I think we might just have to change the lyrics of this great song just a bit . . .

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow
There's a bright golden haze on the meadow.
The corn is as high as an elephant's eye,
And it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky.

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'
Oh, what a beautiful day.
And I got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way . . .

from "Oklahoma," music and lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein

If you would like to hear the rest of the song, click on the video below . . . a little eye candy for the ladies as well:)

For other musings on this first of September, visit the hostess of Garden Muse Day, Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.

And for other ABC posts, check out Mrs. Nesbitt or the ABC blog.


  1. Hi Rose.....what is it about corn....I love to see fields of corn......
    Love the last photograph .......it is beautiful.....
    My Mum used to sing that song over and over again.......she loves the musical......

    It has been sunny today but really windy.....we are expecting strong winds tomorrow afternoon and heavy rain.....it is heading across the pond as we speak........

  2. Rose, I failed to mention: I see you would like Rudbeckia; I have two different ones - the regular one and one called 'Herbstsonne' which stands about 6' tall. If you would like a start let me know.

  3. Well Rose, I hope everything's goin' your way today :)

    Great 2 meme combo!

  4. Corn is pretty tall here too. All this rain... It's really green for September. Poor farmers will spend a fortune drying it out this year.

  5. Hi Rose, Happy September to you! I have to set the record straight here, being from Oklahoma and all, that we do not say the word meadow as meadah! Ever. Just saying. :-)

  6. Rose, driving through both rural IL and IN, we often had high corn on both sides of the road. Ah, memories!

  7. You are so good to always remember Muse Day. And you always find the perfect poem etc. to go with the month.
    Do you remeber learning that song? I do-for some reason. :) We were in 5th grade and had to learn it for a spring concert. Now what did I do yesterday??

  8. That cornfield is just beautiful Rose. Hope all is well and you have gotten rested up from your trip.

  9. Love the Green and the song. It was a beautiful day today...

  10. Its so nice to see things green and growing. Love the corn as tall as an elephants eye.

  11. Cheryl, I have always loved musicals; "My Fair Lady" was always one of my favorites. We've had beautiful weather lately, sunny days in the 70's.

    Di, I never pass up an offer of a free plant!

    VP, Today was just the kind of day I like--sunny and just the right temperature.

    Marnie, My dad commented the other day that he hoped we didn't have an early frost, because the corn is far from ready for harvesting.

    Frances, Point taken. But I'm willing to overlook a little mispronunication as long as Hugh Jackman is on the stage:)

    Monica, I always thought driving past fields and fields of corn was pretty boring...then I drove through southern Wyoming:)

    Beckie, I do remember singing that song, but I didn't remember it was 5th grade. Remember our minds are like aging computers--too much data slowing down the processing:)

    Susie, Yes, I think I'm rested; now I'm trying to take advantage of this beautiful weather to get some things done.

    Lisa, I'd be happy to have days like this year round!

    Photowannabe, Lots of green around here!

  12. Beautiful photos of the cornfields...I love the cornfields this time of year, and we have alot in OH also. That is a beautiful song also, my Dad used to sing it....

  13. And it was such a beautiful day today. Loved the video. I had not seen it before and it was relaxing.

  14. Great posting for G - that corn looks so green and verdant.

  15. I wish I could compare Elephant's eyes and beautiful mornings, but here it is raining cats and dogs.

    Autumn has arrived - I agree.

  16. That last shot is so dreamy, and it is always good to see such grren foliage.

    Linky still on the blinky.

  17. Great 2 for 1 post Rose. Now that song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day, lol. :) Stop by I have a fun Meme for you to play.

  18. I didn't know Hugh Jackman could sing! Must have been a stage production, yes?

    Love the corn and the musings. Great post!

  19. Happy September Rose! Fall is definitely in the air.

  20. I was just watching Wonder Pets, a children's program, with my daughter, and they were saving a cow from a tree in Oklahoma. They stole a lot of the musical's motifs. then I see your post; real synchronicity! Thanks!
    Oh, and my last name is Green, so that works, too.

  21. I am a sucker for a musical. Great post. Hard to believe it is September.

  22. Oh, I love that song. An enjoyable and informative post.

  23. Oh what a wonderful Lad! This is a great song, which I always have loved! Thanks Rose for this video! The singer is very charming too!
    Very nice explanation about the elephants eye! Blogging has taught me a lot!

  24. I bet all the moisture this year is great for the corn! Thanks for the two-fer!

  25. I got some corn in the back yard. Don't think it'll get that tall though. Hope all is well.

  26. I have only just caught up with your last post Rose, oh my goodness, have you recovered from travelling all that way yet? We are so unused to that sort of distance over here, thirty miles seems like a long way to me!

    I love this post! You linked the corn so beautifully with the song, very cleverly thought out! I love that song and that particular 'elephant's eye' line always made me smile :)

  27. That is good looking corn! I would have thought by now it would be starting to dry up a bit and turn brown.

    So for your next post, how about joining me in this Meme I tagged you for?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  28. Carol, the corn is still green here, but soon it will be turning, a sure sign of autumn.

    Tina, When I found the video with Hugh Jackman singing the song, I just had to include it:)

    Hildred and Charles, A lot of rain this year has made for a bumper crop.

    RuneE, we've had beautiful sunny days for awhile; I won't complain.

    Babooshka, McKlinky seems to be as stubborn as Mr. Linky:)

    Racquel, While I was trying and trying to download the video from YouTube (my first attempt), I must have heard the first few lines of the song 20 times. It's definitely stuck in my head!

    Jay, The first time I saw Hugh sing--and dance--I had no idea. No offense to Johnny, but this man is just about perfect:)

    Garden Girl, I hope autumn lasts as long this year as last year's!

    Roger, I've never heard of Wonder Pets; my watching of children's programs depends on when the grandchildren are here. They're mostly into Spongebob:)

    Janet, Where DID the summer go??

  29. Anthonynorth, Thank you; you can't be sad listening to this song!

    Reader Wil, I just had to look up the height of an elephant; always curious if that line was accurate:)

    Rose, Yes, all this rain has really helped the crops. Just so we don't have any early frost.

    Chris, This is field corn, so it is much taller than sweet corn, which I assume you're growing.

    ShySongbird, I didn't think about the comparative difference until someone else from the UK mentioned it. I probably could have traveled over most of Europe with the same number of miles, but of course, then I would have definitely stopped to see the sights!

    Carol, Some of it is just starting to turn; my Dad hopes we don't have an early frost, or farmers could be in trouble.

  30. Rose, Good morning~~almost afternoon. Living in the 'burbs we don't get to see much corn. I'd try to grow it if HJ would come serenade me!

    With fall arriving soon...the bright golden haze will be in the trees and grasses. Love the corn shots...those are straight rows for sure and the hazy corn and sky is beautiful!


  31. Dear Rose,
    Green and Growing is so right!!!!
    Perfect gs! It has been so wet this summer my husband has mowed the grass at least once a week all summer.
    A very creative post. Combining the two memes was very fun.
    I am singing....... OKLAHOMA!

  32. Hi Rose

    It's become very chilly here this week too. Seems too early to become autumn so soon.

    How amazing to have maize growing all around your land. Are you tempted to pick your side?!

    I took the children to a maize maze last week. It was fun!


  33. Gail, Still waiting for Hugh to come sing here:)

    Sherry, "Oklahoma" has some of the most upbeat songs, doesn't it?

    Suburbia, The field corn wouldn't be that tasty, especially once you get used to the supersweet corn that's usually grown around here. I would surely get lost in a corn maze:)

  34. Rose you're right autumn is in the air as the evenings become coller and we can turn off the air an open window! I love the photos of the corn fields...soon it will be pumpkin time! Love the autumn poem.
    Autumn is a good time to go to Paris so I am happy to see that you came along with me for a quick weekend in Paris...enjoy your long weekend.I'm feeling so much better dear friend..hugs xo

  35. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

  36. rose,

    i must have been off the planet...i didn't know hugh jackman sung...what a beautiful, full voice. would love to see him do a musical.
    love the photo of the corn. i love corn fields.
    happy september.

  37. Fabulous photos of corn! Wow! I especially like the one against the sunset (sunrise?) G and growing - good choice. There is just the hint of fall in the air here but still upper 70s.

  38. Rose, I have been catching up on all your adventures! Wow! What a whirlwind trip!

    It's unfortunate, but I always think of Children of the Corn whenever I see lush beautiful landscapes of corn.

  39. A great musing for September, Rose. Thanks so much.

    Speaking as someone who comes from a major corn producing state I can honestly say I've never seen a better looking row .


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