Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Zzzz's

Amazingly, we have already reached the end of the alphabet this week with the letter Z. I think I've duplicated a few choices from my post for Round 3 of ABC Wednesdays, but all are new photos.

Zen in the garden

I recently visited Japan House on the U of I campus where the gardens certainly create a serene and tranquil feeling. Simple statuary and flowing water can create a Zen area in any garden.

Z is also for my favorite Cub pitcher Carlos Zambrano. Often referred to as Big-Z or Cra-Z, Carlos should have been in the All-Star game tonight! Not that I'm really paying much attention to the Cubs' games this year, of course . . . I don't want to have my heart broken in post-season again:)

Hot summer afternoons are perfect for some Zzzz's. Tarzan is the master of catnaps.

My garden is alive right now with the BuZZing of bees. Despite the dire warnings about the decrease in bee population, there doesn't seem to be a shortage here.

And, of course, no Z post of mine would be complete without a photo of some Zinnias. Since my seed-sown zinnias are far from ready to bloom, I've pictured one of my favorites for container plantings, the "Cherry Profusion." If you click to enlarge this photo, you'll notice a few insects I didn't even see when snapping the photo, including the little guy on the right blossom--a baby mantis. I hope he's just the first of many to arrive in my garden!

A short post today for me, but I'm getting ready for tomorrow, which is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the highlight of the month in which gardeners across the world showcase what's blooming in their gardens right now.

Thanks to Denise Nesbitt and the rest of the ABC team for keeping ABC Wednesdays going for another round!


  1. Beautiful Zzzzz's in your garden, Rose. :)

  2. I like your zzzz's especially the zinnias! There are my favorite annuals! Now I am going to get a few, by going to bed early! See you tomorrow. gail

  3. You just can't beat the zinnias for this time of the year.

    Looks like Tarzan has the right idea!

  4. Great choices for *Z*!
    I always love your pictures.

  5. Well, TarZan looks great doing his zzzzzzz's. My monsters are similarly inflicted!

  6. I'm all for a bit of Zzzzz now and again, but the buZZZing friend stole the show!

  7. Rose, the baby mantis is a great photo. It's such fun to download and find surprises. The zen garden is perfect for Z. And of course Tarzan is the master at ZZZZZ ing!

  8. I think it is so fun to find those little surprises that you see when looking at a picture taken. I think these are all great ZZZzs

  9. Very creative with the Zzzz's Rose! I love the zen garden, and the zinnias are beautiful. Tarzan looks so sweet snoozing!

  10. Tarzan is so cute! Those zinnias sure look great-cherry is a perfect color.

  11. Hi Rose....I wondered what you would do for Z....
    I like the little zen garden.....although I have to say japanese gardens are not my personal taste. I know many who love them...

    I am glad your garden is buZZing....good to hear...

    I could not enlarge the photo, so could not see little mantis.....

    Good ABC WED.......

  12. Great choices and awesome photos !
    I love zen gardens, flowers and cats :the name of your cat is well chosen !

  13. Dear Rose,
    Wonderful Zs!
    I see the manti!!!
    I too love them in the garden even tho I have seen them eat a Skipper or two!
    My zinnias from direct sowed seed are just starting to bloom in one area of the yard. I do love the zinnias!
    Happy ABC Wednesday! Looking forward to round 5!

  14. I feel so bad for you Cubs fans--at least we Sox fans know better than to get our hopes up (plus we did have that '05 season :) But in all seriousness, the coneflowers and zinnias look great!

  15. I can't remember what it's like to be a baseball fan since we can't go to a Cardinals' game anymore. It just isn't the same watching them on TV. You know, it's funny, but when the Cardinals would play the Cubs in St. Louis, I really didn't care which team won. It was so much fun watching the two big rivals duke it out. How did Tarzan get his name? Did it have anything to do with drapery or ceiling fans?

  16. Thanks,everyone, for visiting. I should know better than to write two posts in two days--I can't keep up with everything:) The zinnias will certainly be featured here when they bloom.

    Rose, I'm not one of those Cubs fans who hate the Sox--I was happy when they won the World Series. But really, don't you think we deserve a turn?:)

    And W2W, I'm also not against the Cardinals--my mother is a Cards fans (I'm the product of a mixed marriage:).) One of the kids named Tarzan, probably because he was the liveliest of the litter.

  17. Love the zinnia photo! The diagonal arrangement of the blooms is perfect!

    Tarzan knows just what to do with a garden, he doesn't need the Zen area for tranquility!

  18. Wow, lots of great Z's for today! Love your photos.

  19. I love your garden Zen, and your lovely Zinnias. The cat could catch some Zzzs in that garden.

  20. Beautiful post of Z. Lov ethe zinnia. Great shots.

  21. Zat's wonderful! And, oh snap, that means the new ABC Wednesday must start this coming Tuesday, July 21. Eep! i really want to play along, but have doubts I can commit, lol! :)

  22. Like your Zs Rose - you have been most imaginative with your choice of words :) The Zen garden looks a most tranquil spot.


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