Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ABC Wednesday: A Proud Day

Today is the beginning of a new series of ABC Wednesday posts, sponsored by Mrs. Nesbitt, and I had planned a few suitable photos for the letter A.

First, I thought of the usual object used in children's books: A is for Apple. Apples were in abundance on my trees this year; we've hardly made a dent in all the applebutter, applesauce and frozen sliced apples that I preserved last fall.

And I thought of the weather, a constant topic of conversation the last few weeks. A word we often hear-- and sometimes cringe at--is Accumulation. Despite the ice and bitter cold we've had so far, we haven't had as much snow this year as the past two years. Of course, winter is far from over!

As miserable as this winter has been, I was going to end by saying I'd rather be in Arizona, where the weather is warm and the sun is shining.

But all these ideas seemed rather silly and trivial after spending much of the day watching television.

Today, I am proud to be an American.

"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility — a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task."

It was a day when the joy and optimism were almost palpable. I hope that it inspires everyone to do their part in making this world a better place.


  1. Rose, I watched literally all day. I was so entralled, so caught up in the hope for 'remaking America'.
    I have said prayers that we will succeed with the help of this remarkable young man. Let his enthusiasm and ideals take root and blossom in our nation and around the world.

  2. Great and fun choices for the letter A. A perfect start to ABC Wednesday.

  3. Such a lovely post.We watched the speach here (I got the children to watch too)which I thought was very moving. SS asked why I flew to the kitchen for a tissue!!

  4. Great post. 2 words came to mind for me as I read this... Abundance (of apples, apple preserves, and snow), and Awesome (for Obama. I think people all over the world are holding a lot of hope with your new President.)

    I did a post on him a few days ago. Would go find you the URL, but too tired to think straight just now, lol.

    Alice in BC Canada

  5. I too watched it for almost an hour in our local channel and my prayers are with you, dear brothers and sisters!
    Ah! Apples! One of the eldest siblings in the Plant Kingdom and who doesn't like it! Great photo of the tree. Too bad it wouldn't grow here :(, but glad that we get its fruits here in abundance :)

  6. Great A-post,and I think Obama will be a blessing for Amerika and the whole world.

  7. I love your apples! I love the snow picture on the pretty trees! But most of all, I love being an American just like you! I am praying that God will continue doing great things in our nation!

  8. Beautiful post indeed. I don't take part in these ABC days, but how about I add that I'm proud to be an American Neighbour? :-)

  9. Those apples and the word American have to remind me of "As American as apple pie"; which would be great this cold-16 degree-morning. Have a great day!

  10. It sent shivers down my spine! A hopeful new age.

    Lovely apples too!

  11. Dear Rose,
    Thank you for a fantastic ABC Wednesday. I seldom think of myself as an American...I think I am an Earthling...yesterday I was proud that "we the people" had elected President Obama. Proud to be an American. I loved Jodi's comment...thank you to her...
    You have lots of lovely a's...
    I Appriciate you!

  12. Beckie, So well put! I don't remember ever watching an inauguration and being as moved as I was yesterday.

    Photowannabe, Thanks; my choices seemed to pale as I watched our new President being sworn in yesterday.

    Suburbia, Glad you saw the speech, too. I've never seen so many happy people gathered together as yesterday.

    Alice, I will check out your post in a little while. Excellent words to describe the day!

    Chandramouli, we had an exceptional year for apples. I have been amazed by all the world-wide interest in our new President.

    Anne-Berit, I know the eyes of all the world are on President Obama; there is such a feeling of hope here.

    Kaishon, Thank you! I think all Americans must rally behind our new President and be willing to work toward change as well.

    Jodi, Thank you for that lovely thought! Your post yesterday was wonderful.

    Tina, You're much more creative than I am today! Wish I'd thought of that:)

    Susan, I hope we can continue that feeling of pride and optimism.

    Liz, It was a very moving day.

  13. Sherry, One of the many things I liked about the President's speech was the feeling of inclusion--yes, we are Americans, but we are part of the family of man. It's time to work together. I appreciate you, too!

  14. I wondered if you would start again with A. Your photos are great choices for the letter. The last one is especially touching.

  15. Lets hope it does make a difference for everyone. President Obama....... got a nice ring to it!
    Lovely post.

  16. How lucky you are to have such an abundant apple tree. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  17. Hi,
    I watched all day too and posted my thoughts on my blog this morning.My letter A would be for ABUZZ....this morning the world is abuzz with excitement about this new leader.

  18. Great A's Rose! Congratulations! Now we all are happy with America! God bless The USA!

  19. A is also for Amazing. :-)

  20. Great shots for this week's ABC Wed. :)

  21. I also did apples, my first ABC Wednesday!


  22. I was glued to the TV yesterday when I normally dont have it on much during the day hours! You pulled out one of many of my favorites in the speech! I do hope that this is a new beginning for our wonderful country to make a great comeback!

  23. A+ post (I see now that someone has given you a grade...but i don't care...this post is wonderful. Yesterday was thrilling; It has been a very long time since I have felt so moved by a politician. He said much that resonated within me. It is good to feel hopeful again. Good to remember how much I love being an American. Gail

  24. Dear should always be proud to be American. I have travelled many many times through your wonderful country. I have been shown nothing but kindness and respect. My son visits frequently with his job and says the same. I love you as a nation.

    President Obama seems a good man....I believe in my heart he will make a difference.....I look forward to seeing what happens in the next few years.......

  25. A greAt wAy to stArt the Alphabet Rose. I will look forwArd to the rest of the Alphabet.

  26. The answer to my question: back to A. I like that you are branching out of the garden for inspiration. It is a wonderful day to be an American! I like that your meme restarted with a new president.

  27. Marnie, I don't know if I can keep this up through the whole alphabet, but we'll see.

    Maggie May, He has a tough road ahead; things aren't going to change quickly, but the mood here is very hopeful.

    Susie, I had so many apples, it seemed like all I did during September was put them up.

    Balisha, Hello! Abuzz is a great word to describe the atmosphere right now--everyone wants to know everything going on in Washington.

    Reader Wil, Thanks for your kind words!

    Nancy, Another great A word!

    Aishaholley, Thanks for visiting!

    Kate, I couldn't get "A is for Apple" out of my mind:)

    Skeeter, I, too, watched much more daytime TV than I usually do. There were so many great lines to choose from, it was hard to pick a favorite.

    Gail, I don't remember ever being as excited about an inauguration or as moved as I was yesterday. Let's hope we can all be patient and keep this mood of optimism.

    Cheryl, I am so happy to know that you and your family have had such great experiences in the US. I like to think we're a friendly country. I am usually so cynical about politicians; President Obama has changed my view and that of many others like me.

    Lisa, I hope I get an inspiration before B!

    Sarah, I was lacking ideas for this week, but yesterday was such an Awesome day!

  28. All of your As are good ones! I'd like to be in Arizona right now, too! We don't get much accumulation over here in this part of the UK, but the winter has been very cold and miserable.

    We watched some of the inauguration. There's a lot more hope in the world now. :)

  29. Yes, proud to be an American...all good choices for A and interestingly....we have reached our total accumulation of snow of 36" a winter and have gone beyond...we are now at 45" or something crazy like that.....and to think we are only a few hours away.....

  30. My TV needed a rest after its inaugural workout, Rose - didn't want to miss anything! Would another 'A' be 'Anticipation'? It will be a bumpy ride but we have hope in our hearts.

    Good luck with the latest tour through the alphabet!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  31. Proud to be American also! Yes we can! Nice post.

  32. Those apples look gorgeous and the snow photo is lovely. I'm very glad we don't have any snow, however, at the moment.

    I'm very excited for you and all other Americans, at this time. It's the beginning of a great, new era!

  33. Oh Rose, so true. I have not felt this way in a long time, if ever, about a new president. Your A word is spot on! The tv and tissues were my constant companions that glorious day! :-)

  34. Rose, When I was a child, we had 2 apple trees growing, 1 had green apples, and 1 had red. Oh, we LOVED climbing those apple trees. They had such good branches for it. (We had a cherry tree to and that was good for climbing...but I digress...)
    Starting your meme over at A is great; now I won't miss a thing. when you get to B you can use Barrack; when you get to C you can use Change; when you get to D you can use Direction (as in, a 'new' one), etc etc etc!! Oh, and of course, don't forget 'Obama' when you get to O!!!!

  35. Wonderful post! You've covered so much area of importance and well-being!

  36. Jay, Thanks; it's been a very cold winter so far. It's been amazing to me how many people across the world share our hope right now.

    Neva, I think when northern Illinois got snow, we had rain or ice. Either way, it's been cold!

    Annie, Anticipation is a great word! I think Patience is in order, too, though it doesn't start with A:)

    Iowa, I love that slogan!

    Mean Mom, There is the feeling here that we are at the beginning of a new era with many--hopefully good--changes in store.

    Frances, That is exactly the way I felt! I've been a cynic about politics for years; not this time.

    Jan, Thank you for all the ideas--I hadn't planned on a political theme, but I could, couldn't I?:)

    Tumblewords, Thank you and thanks for visiting!

  37. Micah is proud of saying one of his few words while pointing it out when he visits and sees one in the fruit bowl: Apple! Rose, here is another A word--that Micah is also learning--to follow Obama's (and your) inspiring words: Amen!

  38. I also am proud to be an American Neighbour. I have confidence in this new president. We are all one!

  39. Always an angel, Rose, I enjoyed your accomplished post ... amazing! Also, proud to be and American!

  40. W2W, Amen is another good A word! I hope you see this comment--I've been having trouble leaving a comment on your last post. I'll keep trying...

    Wendy, He does inspire confidence; I'm glad our neighbors are happy, too:)

    Joey, Thanks for those wonderful Adjectives:)


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