Thursday, May 15, 2008

GBBD: May Blooms the Easy Way

Here is what is blooming at my garden...

...many annuals waiting to be planted in my garden. Sorry if you were expecting something more dramatic. In fact, after visiting a couple GBBD posts today, I feel rather sheepish and inadequate even posting this. But, other than a few brave daffodils and tulips who are way past their prime, I really have nothing blooming right now. And with the rain we've had these past two days, it may be awhile before these blooms are even placed into the garden.

There are some buds on various plants showing promise, but like Carol of May Dreams Gardens who sponsored this post, I am in a state of anticipation. Coincidentally, I just happened to see an interview with Carly Simon on TV last night, and so Carol, on this rainy May Bloom Day, this is for you:

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway...

Anticipation, Anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting...


  1. Dear Rose,
    Getting the flower beds to be in three season flowers is a life time adventure!
    I am still working on it after 35 years.
    Pots work great for instant color.
    Bird songs and butterfly wings,

  2. I'm in the same situation you are. You are very brave for putting out your annuals that are waiting to be planted. I guess I should not be so shy about the progress of my garden.

  3. You are further along than I am because at least you have the plants home and ready to be planted..I am still doing the Spring clean up!! Buds everywhere waiting! Happy planting to you! :)NG

  4. I still have lots of things in pots that need to go into the ground or into containers. But I keep buying more every time I go to buy garden supplies & mulch.

  5. Hey Rose, a bloom is a bloom. It looks like you had fun shopping.

  6. Sherry, Yes, I am learning I need some transition plants. Thanks for your encouragement.

    Jane Marie, After I looked at a couple posts for GBBD yesterday, I was in awe of others' gardens. I thought I can't show this puny display of plants, but thought there surely must be others like me out there.

    Nature girl, I have buds everywhere, too. In another week I should have my own bloom day!

    MMD, I just got back from buying even more plants. I think I'm addicted. And yes, mulch, I need mulch!

    Lisa, I have irises just about ready to bloom and I'm so excited. But I already told you that, didn't I? And shopping--yes, I need to plant what I have before I go near a nursery or garden center again!

  7. Can't wait to see them planted and blooming away in your garden. Lovely.
    I have tagged you today Rose....I do hope that you don't mind. Please don't feel obliged to join in.

  8. Oh my gosh Rose .. you would laugh at me I'm sure .. I go out to do something little and come back with too many plants once again and RUN like a maniac trying to ether pot them or put them in the ground .. I have run out of pots and hubby says "didn't you say you were NOT going to do so many pots this year DEAR ???"
    I am a woman OBSESSED and I NEED HELP ! hahaha (laughing hysterically here btw)
    PS .. you are saner than I am girl .. be glad of it ! LOL

  9. It's been a while since I gardened in Illinois but I still remember that blank time after tulips and before the summer perennials when all the annuals in their little pots were very cheering. We were pretty far west of the city so we didn't have Lake Michigan as a moderating influence, always lagging a few weeks behind people who gardened closer to the lakefront.

    You'll be able to dig and plant soon, Rose - have fun painting the garden with annuals!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Very clever, Rose. 'Anticipation' is the 'name of the game' of each gardener!

  11. Rose, I have all pots and flats of annuals and perennials to plant, too. Love the song, thanks for thinking of me when you heard it and thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens
    (my lilacs are just about ready to bloom now!)

  12. Husband and I were just loking at the various seedlings he ha sprouting. Only problem is: he can't remember what they are!

  13. Such a great selection of annuals! I hope the rain stops soon so you can plants these out and enjoy them to their fullest.

  14. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I actually have been busy the last few days planting some of these (and then buying more!). This week I should have some real blooms.

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  16. Have you ever wondered about that "comment deleted" section? Now I know: I just published my own response twice!


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